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If you haven’t heard about ClaireaBella, where have you been? It’s all over Twitter and a pretty big thing (especially in Essex where it first made headlines during Essex Fashion Week) with so many celebrities showing off their bags and other items!
ClaireaBella is basically a concept discovered by designer Claire and the aBella girl is based upon your own looks and style – each doll is unique. Seeing yourself in the form of aBella is just amazing and because they are personalised, they make the most gorgeous gifts – it’s just such a clever idea.
I have wanted a jute bag for ages, not because I’d seen the cast of TOWIE showing them off in Marbella, but because one of my friends has had one for ages and instantly I fell in love with it! The medium jute continues to be top of my wish list as I know I’d use it a lot – it’s the perfect size for day-to-day, or on holiday by the beach. Plus it would look pretty hot as well!
My mum bought me a ClaireaBella hoodie for my birthday, after I said I must have one! Of course I helped her choose how I wanted it to look, although I’m sure I could’ve trusted her judgement. That’s the best thing about creating your aBella girl, there are just so many options to choose from. I fell in love with my hoodie as soon I had unwrapped it – the inside is fleecy and because it comes up a little bigger (which I always prefer in hoodies), it’s just perfect for cold, winter nights! There’s a choice of six colours (black, blue, grey, pink, red and whire) and I opted for grey – although I’m starting to want a white one (despite knowing I’ll get make up down it!). Before you’ve decided on your hair length and colour and eye colour, you get to choose the outfit for your aBella and again, there are so many options to choose from. I went for glam, simply because I’m a glam girl that loves to dress up! In fact, picking your aBella is all part of the fun!

My Wishlist:
Medium Jute Bag - £34.99
Like I said before, I must have this, and why not – it’s beautiful!
iPhone Case - £24.99
Already know my aBella tee design
Just because my plain pink iPhone case is so boring and the personalised touch is just too cute!
Tshirt - £24.99
I absolutely love the tees and I already know how I’ll be designing my aBella – a casual design, because I’ll team the tee up with leggings or jeans for a general chilled out day! It’ll feel like I’m actually wearing me!

There are so many items to choose from including calendars, lunch boxes, candles, diaries and iPad covers. They make the most perfect gifts and let’s be honest, why would you not want to create your own aBella?! 
Although, you can find ClaireaBella here, you can find everything on Toxic Fox.


  1. They're so cute, I've designed my iPhone case and mug for work, I just need to actually buy them! x

  2. I'm the same - spend so much time trying to choose the design, but don't actually buy anything! There was a link earlier to some pjs (like vest tops and polka dot shorts) - they are sooo cute. Also on my wish list now! x


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