Skinny dinners: three simple suggestions

As many of my Twitter followers will know, I’m currently trying to shed a few pounds and as I hate the gym with a passion, I’m so much easier with just eating better. Last year I lost close to a stone with Celebrity Slim and have reverted back to it again this time. Basically it’s cutting out carbs and this week I’ve attempted three fairly simple dishes, which prove dieting doesn’t have to be boring!
Each recipe serves one, so if you’re cooking for two, double the measurements.
Salmon with chilli and ginger
·         A salmon fillet (although you can use any fish you like)
·         1 tsp sesame oil
·         ½ deseeded and chopped red chilli (more if you like it hot)
·         Couple of slices of lime (I used artificial lime juice in the marinade instead)
·         1 tsp fresh chopped coriander
·         Choice of vegetables (I used half a bag of Waitrose Essential stir-fry but I would recommend bok choy, spring onions and broccoli)
·         Place the salmon on a piece of tinfoil, big enough to wrap it for oven baking (alternatively you can use greaseproof paper and steam it)
·         Top the salmon with the oil, chilli, lime and coriander (I mixed these in a ramekin before pouring over the top)
·         Wrap tightly to ensure the juices don’t leak and bake in an oven – gas mark 4 – for 30-35 minutes
·         Stir fry the vegetables in fry light as to instructions on packaging
·         Serve salmon on top of the vegetables and garnish with more coriander
Chilli lamb stir-fry
·         120g lamb loin or steak
·         2 tsp light soy sauce
·         2 tsp Chinese rice wine (shaoxing)
·         1 tsp olive oil
·         1 tsp sesame oil
·         ½ deseeded and chopped red chilli
·         Choice of vegetables to stir-fry (I used the other half from Monday’s recipe!)
·         Combine the soy, rice wine, olive oil and sesame oil and chilli. Season if necessary
·         Thinly slice the meat and stir in the marinade. Leave for 30-45 minutes
·         To a hot frying pan or wok, add the lamb and cook until sealed
·          Add the remaining marinade and vegetables and cook as to instructions
·         Serve with extra chilli if required and chopped spring onion
Chicken tikka skewers
·         1 tbs low-fat yogurt
·         2 tsp hot curry powder/paste (I used powder)
·         A boneless, skinless chicken breast
·         8-10 cherry tomatoes (dependent on size of skewers)
·         ¼ of a cucumber
·         Salad leaves
·         Mix together the yogurt and curry powder/paste and cube the chicken. Leave to marinate for 45 minutes
·         Once marinated, thread the chicken and cherry tomatoes onto skewers alternatively (if you’re using wood, leave them to soak and if you’re using metal, remember they’ll be hot under the grill!)
·         Cook for 20-25 minutes on a moderate heat under the grill, turning regularly
·         Serve with the salad leaves and diced cucumber
Alternatively, you can serve them with a dip of yogurt, diced cucumber and mint or make a salad dressing with lemon juice.

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