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Coco Chanel once said: “A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future”. I thought I’d share some of my favourite perfumes and the occasions they are best suited to. I found it hard to be honest, as I love perfume – I always buy a bottle when I’m at Duty Free and it’s probably the easiest thing to buy me for Christmas or my birthday (if you know what I like, or ask me first). I’m also a lover of pretty or decorative bottles – something a bit different!

Day-to-day basis
For a general daily wear, my favourite has to be Be Delicious by DKNY.
What they say: This juicy fragrance celebrates individuality in a refreshing manner - just like New York City - by combining the scent of apple with a sophisticated blend of exotic flowers and sensual woods”
If I’ve got a busy day, I love my perfume to last. I mean there’s nothing worse than having to keep whipping your bottle out of your bag to reapply constantly throughout the day. Be Delicious is a long-lasting scent which smells fresh and fruity. What isn’t there to like?
Girls’ night out (or in!)
A friend at Uni used to wear Ralph by Ralph Lauren.
She would always carry it in her clutch when we went out in the evenings – whether it was to the Student Union bar, or for drinks in the local Wetherspoons, or the city. I think for this reason, it’s a perfect choice for a night out with friends. I remember the whole toilet routine: the sharing of the cubicle, the adding of bronzer, adjusting our lashes and getting the gloss out before dousing ourselves in perfume. It’s what I’d call a fun scent.
What they say: “Ralph Lauren Ralph captures the energy, spirit and personality of today's young woman with a colourful, floral fragrance”
Hot date
If you’re stuck for a fragrance to impress that new man with, one of my personal favourites is Cerruti’s Cerruti 1881.
What they say: “For a confident woman with a free spirit, seductive with the promise of hidden sensuality”
Cerruti 1881 reminds me so much of my teenage years – between the ages of 15 and 17, it was probably my favourite fragrance. If I could bottle up that time in my life, this perfume would undoubtedly sum it up. It was one I wore on many a date because of its floral tones, which make it very feminine yet sophisticated.
Romantic meal
You’ve got a gorgeous romantic meal planned and need a fragrance to match the occasion – Desire Me by Escada is a perfect choice.
From looking at the bottle alone, you know this fragrance is going to be provocative, sensual and mysterious. I’m a big fan of Escada (as you’ll see further down!) and when I was bought this for Christmas a couple of years back, I was addicted. It’s so different from their summer range, but I guess it’s aimed at a slightly different market. It’s absolutely gorgeous: warm, inviting and oozes class – and my boyfriend loves it too; result!
What they say: “Inside its shining gold bottle you'll find a powerful enchanting scent inspired by the uncontrollable desire a woman can provoke in a man with a single look”
Summertime (or when you have those holiday blues!)
Like I said, I’m a big fan of Escada, and their Rockin Rio for epitomises the summer.
That fruity smell which reminds you of cocktails by the beach alongside the bottle with its pinks, yellows and oranges just makes you want to be sunbathing poolside. It’s one that I love to wear all-year round because in those autumnal months, it reminds you of that perfect holiday and in spring, it gives you that hope you’ll be leaving the country shortly for that much needed break! It’s a playful and flirtatious scent which has recently been brought back to the market!
What they say: “A fruity floral scent, Rockin Rio is a young, overdosed fragrance – like a piña colada cocktail in a bottle. The combination of tropical coconut and pineapple adds a sweet yet fresh and fruity character while driving its uniqueness”

And I’ll leave you with my current favourite: Dot by Marc Jacobs.

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  1. Some great choices there. 1881 certainly takes me back! x


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