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I would definitely say when it comes to spending money, makeup is one of, if not, my biggest weakness. There are times I go into Boots to buy necessary staples like cotton buds or face wipes and end up with a couple of bits – or worse, spend £40 odd, when really I was planning on spending a fiver. It’s just that I can never find that perfect foundation and I’m always keen to try out something new, in the hope it might become my new favourite brand. I think I’m addicted!
Obviously, I have a drawer dedicated to odds and ends, but here’s what’s currently in my makeup bag:

I’ve always used two different foundations, I think I read about it in a magazine, or a friend suggested it and it’s always stuck. I think it’s because generally foundations either make you look paler or darker than you really are – it’s either end of that spectrum and never in the middle, or just right. I’m currently using Rimmel’s Lasting Finish in soft beige Maybelline’s Superstay in sand. Both promise to last all day (24 and 25 hours respectively) and both give an even coverage for that flawless look. And because I use both, they last twice as long! I used to be a big fan of Dream Matte Mousse but because of the texture, it didn’t last very long. I also found that once the air had got to it, it ended up oxidising and not being as smooth once applied. I much prefer using pump bottles now and I find I never use as much, because they’re more controlled.
I absolutely love the Models Own brand and decided to try their bronzer after a recommendation from a friend (who similarly got me addicted to their nail varnishes). I made the mistake of buying natural bronze as opposed to the sun goddess shade though and even though I often apply layer upon layer of bronzer, even the thinnest dusting makes me look as if I’ve been tangoed. I didn’t really want to throw it away though, so currently mix it with my other bronzer – Rimmel’s Match Perfection (in light) – with good results, as the Rimmel bronzer is considerably lighter and using it on its own, my skin doesn’t always look bronzed. When I get bored, I may just mix it with moisturiser and hope it doesn’t come out too orange! I’m still in the search of a perfect bronzer though, if anyone has any suggestions?
I have always used Maybelline mascaras because of their different shaped wands that always help to create the look you’re going for: sultry, dramatic, fierce... This Barry M mascara was free because I spent £8 online at Boots (more nail varnishes!). Not only is it waterproof, but it makes lashes look longer and thicker – I’ve even had people ask what fake lashes I use when I’ve worn it! The only problem with it is that’s it’s a nightmare to remove, even with makeup remover or pads, I can still feel clumps on the end of my lashes. I’m sure I’d buy it again though – that is, if I stray from Maybelline.
Brushes and sponges
I normally just buy my sponges from Boots as there’s usually a good selection to choose from. I used to opt for the wedges but recently have converted to the soft flat sponges. For me, the wedges don’t last very long and absorb too much makeup. Even dampening them before use doesn’t help and when they’ve been washed in luke-warm water, they end up shrinking and the corners seem to disintegrate! As for brushes, I’m in need of a decent set, so again suggestions would be welcomed! My eye makeup brushes are Ruby + Millie and were in a set I got a few years ago (I’ve only just started to properly use them though!). My bronzer brush is FCUK and again was part of a set (along with that illuminator!), but I really need a new one!

I cannot wait for Christmas and spending all my money on new bits and pieces – that is if I can wait that long! I’m already eyeing up the Models Own and Ciaté websites to add to my ‘wish list’ and their Christmas sections are looking very tempting!

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  1. MUA do a really nice budget bronzer, my favourite is a Chanel/NARS combo but I want to cry just thinking of the cost!

    As for makeup brushes, Real Techniques in Boots are fantastic - they do face and eye sets of 4-5 brushes that do everything you need.



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