Pre-theatre menu at Hawksmoor Air Street

Plate containing potted meat, two Yorkshire puddings and a silver jug of gravy
Hawksmoor has appeared on my blog many times over the years (I’ll link some posts below) and it’s just consistently good. The Air Street restaurant has to be my favourite and I think it’s the one I’ve been to the most too.

There’s nowhere better if you want to combine a decent steak with a cocktail or two or are looking for a quick-ish dinner as you’re off to the theatre – as the fixed price menu hits the spot nicely.

Of course, eating in theatre district, we were seeing a show – so I made a reservation at Hawksmoor Air Street for 5pm, taking advantage of that pre-theatre menu and ensuring we had enough time to head to Theatre Royal Haymarket, only 5 minutes’ walk.

Unfortunately, we had no time to enjoy a cocktail in the bar first, but given how early in the evening it was, the atmosphere wouldn’t have been all that anyway Instead, we were shown to our cosy booth and perused the menus.

The fixed price menu is valid from 5pm, and we went for that – although the à la carte option was also available… I was just conscious of time. It’s priced at £26 for two courses, or £30 for three, so very reasonably priced. And it’s fair to say that I almost spent more money on cocktails than I did on the dinner!

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Let’s talk cocktails! I started off with a double melon daiquiri (Havana rum, cantaloupe, sour watermelon, rosé wine) which was so refreshing but went down far too easily. I’d love to recreate this at home as it’s a perfect summer drink – perfect for barbecues or garden parties. It was garnished with pickled melon balls, which was a bit of a surprise at first due to the tangy nature.

I mixed it up later in the evening, ordering a sour cherry negroni (Tanqueray gin, Campari, martini Rubino, sour cherry) – definitely sour, and not as sweet as the melon drink. There were about four or five different cocktails I had eyed up when flicking through the menu and I’d say this was the ‘dark horse’ of the picks, with the others being sweet and fruity. It was delicious though.

Ash had the Shaky Pete’s ginger brew – a mix of beefeater gin, ginger, lemon and London pride. I have to admit, I had a sip and actually really liked it. I’m not sure if I could have managed the whole tankard, but it was certainly different and like a cross between a ginger beer and a shandy. There was an alcohol-free equivalent also on the menu. Sadly, no photos of the cocktails – I was obviously drinking them too fast!

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Plate containing fillet steak, chips and watercress

I decided against ordering a starter – nothing really caught my eye on the list of three and I was already eyeing up my favourite Hawksmoor dessert (IYKYK!!), but Ash ordered the potted beef & bacon with Yorkshires, which if you don’t know, is big enough for sharing. Two giant Yorkshire puddings and a jug of gravy accompany the potted meat. The waitress kindly brought over an additional side plate so it would have been rude not to tuck in. I personally find the combination too salty, but it’s perfect comfort food.

For our main courses, we obviously ordered steaks – rump for Ash, and fillet tail for me. The steaks came served with their triple-cooked chips and a watercress garnish, so we both ordered sauces at an additional supplement. Peppercorn is usually my go-to and Hawksmoor do it well, but nothing beats the beef dripping gravy, which I love to slather all over the steak and chips! My steak was divine, cooked to my liking and was just easy to cut, melting in the mouth.

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Peanut butter shortbread star, topped with salted caramel ice cream and garnished with crushed peanuts and caramel sauce

And talking of which… pudding was a no-brainer. Three words: peanut butter shortbread. This iconic dessert is elite-tier, although it was smaller than I remembered and I’m sure it is now a different shape too. Still, it was as delicious and moreish as ever and I thoroughly enjoyed every mouthful. If there’s a recipe lying around anywhere, someone please link me up and help a gal out. I don’t think I’ve ever ordered another dessert at Hawksmoor…

Ash went for the plum & lime cheesecake, which came out with a candle in the scoop of ice cream and the obligatory ‘Happy Birthday’ in chocolate on the plate – after I had mentioned in the booking it was a pre-theatre surprise birthday meal.

Service was good throughout and we were out in good time for the show. Alfie quite likes a steak and when he’s maybe a couple of years older, I’ll have to make sure he joins us too.

Love, Lucy xx

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