Easter | Good Friday and Adorable Easter Fun at Thrift Farm

Two sheep in the paddock on the farm

Thrift Farm has to be one of our favourite local days out. It’s featured on my blog many times now and every time we go, there’s always something new to do or see. We particularly like going when there’s an event on, and have been for Halloween, Christmas, and Easter now – as well as when it was sunflower season, and ‘Have a Grow’ day!

This time we visited for Adorable Easter Fun, which is an event that continues until April 24th and offers up so many activities within the admission cost. A child ticket (18m +) is £7.95, while an adult (16y +) is £8.95.

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All the Easter fun

Sadly, we booked our admission for 1pm, so by the time we got our wristbands and animal feed, we missed out on egg collecting at the Hen House – that's right, real eggs! We saw the hens, though, and a bucketful of fresh eggs – as well as some that had got broken by obviously over-excited children. I know that Alfie would have been happier watching, rather than partaking, so it wasn't so bad that we missed out. I would have loved to have seen it though – or get involved!

We did manage to complete the Easter trail – kind of. There were large wooden decorated eggs at various points around the farm. We had to find them using the clues given. All the answers were either activities that could be done or particular animals. There was also a hidden clue which would be the winning answer. We weren't able to find it, and even when the lady at the entrance gave us the correct answer, I still didn't understand where it was or how we would have got there. But there were no losers – and Alfie was given the choice of a lollipop or chocolate, regardless.

And of course, there were all the spring baby animals! We saw baby bunnies and guinea pigs in their respective homes; lots of lambs with their mother ewes, and Easter chicks! As always, at several intervals throughout the afternoon, there was animal petting. There are always two tables set up – one with guineas, and the other with one of the older rabbits, which are all just waiting to be stroked and fed.

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Little boy jumping off a bouncy pillow

The new additions

Thrifty's outdoor play area has been given an upgrade with bouncy pillows and a zip line. While Alfie wasn't interested in the latter (and possibly is to still too small to go on it), he loved jumping. So many farms and parks these days have the bouncy pillows and they are a great way of getting rid of some energy. The wooden play area and sandpit is still there, and he still loves going on that as well as the vintage red tractor, which is always popular.

The Food 4 Thought Café has become The Potting Shed Café and has a really cute and country rustic feel to it. There were plenty of delicious cakes on offer, all on the counter, but we stopped for ice creams and lollies. While the café has been given a makeover, there is still the bench seating outside overlooking the paddock. The menu looked pretty good, and I said to Alfie that next time will have to stop for lunch. And there were also fresh eggs for sale, including ducks’ eggs.

There’s also now a small garden centre which we had a quick look around. I bought a couple of rabbit foam masks for Alfie and his friend – it was Easter after all, and I thought they’d be perfect for weekend egg hunts. We are spoilt for choice when it comes to nurseries and garden centres where we are and why you don't need to be visiting the farm or pay the admission to go to both the café and garden centre, I'd say there are better garden centres – so it's not worth special trip.

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We also did all the activities we would normally do when visiting Thrift Farm, including:

  • Pedal Tractors and Crazy Coupes
  • Feeding the animals (mainly the goats – although even they weren’t that hungry, must have been the heat!)
  • Exploring the animal barn
  • Embarking on the paddock trail

The weather was gorgeous, and it was a Good Friday well spent. On the way home, we also visited the Crooked Billet for a quick drink and sat in the beer garden. It wasn’t overly busy, considering the weather – but it was lush!

Love, Lucy xx

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