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This will be my third and final post in conjunction with the Food & Drink Festival Online 2020 – and while it’s still ‘alive’ and running, it’s more important than ever to support small, local and independent businesses. I’ve seen some crazy uproar regarding some of the global corporations re-opening and I find it ludicrous. Please continue to support those that have kept us going over the last 12 weeks or so – I know I will.

So, what is the snacks edit and what can you expect to see? Well I set myself a budget of £30 and basically went in search of snacks and got as much as I could within that budget – although I have to admit, once you add P+P into the equation, it’s harder than it looks. I think my total came to £30.50 including P+P so not too bad. I tried to choose snacks which were family friendly, so that Alfie could enjoy them too. And despite my sweet tooth, I chose a mixture of sweet and savoury. So, let’s get to it…
Multi pack of Liobites fruit crisp snacks
Toddler eating Liobites banana crisp snacks
There’s no end to the time of day you can indulge in Liobites healthy and natural fruit crisps, and they can be enjoyed by both adults and kids alike. Alfie generally eats them as part of his picnic/packed lunch, or when he gets home from nursery as a snack. I prefer to have mine in the morning, using the apple crisps to top my porridge, or the strawberry ones with granola and yogurt. His favourite were the banana ones, while I loved them all.

You may have seen my porridge post on Insta – I make mine with 50g porridge oats, 150ml water, 50ml whole milk, a tsp cinnamon, a tsp honey and a bag of apple Liobites. But they don’t just need to be eaten at home – they’re perfect on-the-go too. I pop a bag in my handbag when we go on a walk, just in case one of us needs a pick-me-up.

I purchased the taster box, which is 15 bags (5 of each flavour: apple, banana and strawberry) for £17 (but I had a discount code). As well as the multi-flavour boxes, you can also buy individual flavours, and the fruit crisps are also available in orange too.
salt & vinegar crisps in a ramekin
Bag of paprika crisps on the sofa
 Well & Truly
We move onto savoury snacks now and these are (excuse the play on words) well and truly delicious! If you like NikNaks, you’ll love these – I would call them a crunchier, knobblier, tastier and more flavoursome version. Available in four flavours, I couldn’t choose which to try, so of course, had to have them all.

I ordered the Netflix & Snack pack at £6 – 4x 100g bags (but smaller packs are also available), one of each flavour. These were Really Cheesy, Sea Salt & Cider Vinegar, Sour Cream & Onion and Smokey Paprika.  And it’s true – they really are the perfect Netflix binge/film snack… and I defy you not to eat a whole bag in one sitting, whether you’re sharing or not! They are just incredibly moreish.

We loved them all – Alfie’s favourite were the salt & vinegar, although he also liked the cheese ones (as a huge fan of Wotsits and Quavers – the Well & Truly snacks were much cheesier), Ash loved the sour cream & onion and I think my favourite were the cheese ones… I definitely ate most of them! At lunchtime, when I make Alfie’s picnic lunch, I always ask him to “choose your crispies” and every time he went to the cupboard, he’d pull out the grab bags. They didn’t last long, let me tell you – we’d definitely buy these again.
Three packets of chocolate covered pumpkin seeds
Milk chocolate covered pumpkin seeds in a red Le Creuset ramekin
Last snack to share with you are these gorgeous chocolate-coated pumpkin seeds. Everyone knows I have a sweet tooth, but I actually do try and eat healthy, so these are the perfect balance – but they are also amazing if you feel like you’ve not got the will power to stick to your regime.

Each 30g bag of Nutrilicious seeds contains 8g of protein and 3g of carbohydrates and sugar. Not only are they good for you, but they are so versatile. Use them as a breakfast topper, eat on the go, or post-workout. I find them perfect when you’ve got that post-lunch, mid-afternoon slump. I eat them with a cup of tea and suddenly feel productive and ready to smash through the day!

I didn’t share these, as (despite the chocolate), I didn’t think Alfie would like them and even though he’s a really good eater, they’re probably considered a choking hazard at his age too. But it meant more for me. I ordered the variety 4-pack (£7), which contained two bags of milk chocolate seeds, one bag of white chocolate seeds and one bag of dark chocolate seeds. The white chocolate wasn’t too sweet or sickly, while the dark wasn’t too rich and bitter – so all in all, a great snack and I wasn’t disappointed.

As I mentioned in my first post [Get Ready for Barbecue Season with the Food & Drink Festival Online 2020], be sure to check out the Food & Drink Festival 2020 Online while it’s still going on – you might find some wonderful brands and unique products that you may not have come across otherwise. There are some beauties out there and like I say, it’s super important to support these artisan creators. I know there’s a few more on my list too.

Love, Lucy xx

*While this post is in conjunction with Bloggers Required and the Food & Drink Festival Online 2020, I purchased the products and wasn’t paid or influenced to write this post. Images and views are my own.

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