Celebrating Father’s Day at home with The Brothers’ Supper

I have @Sophie_etc to thank for this wonderful recommendation. I had been toying with the idea of ordering food for a special occasion for ages, I just needed a reason (or occasion) to do it. As soon as Sophie recommended The Brothers’ Supper, I followed the Instagram account and instantly fell in love with all the menus they were sharing on their grid. Then, completely unbeknown to me, two days after our anniversary (for which I ordered Nonna’s at Home), it was Father’s Day, and that was decision made!

In case you didn’t know, The Brothers’ Supper are two local chefs who deliver unique dining experiences through quality food. From weddings, parties and events to private dining, The Brothers’ Supper have a wealth of experience and the sample menus on their website are truly divine – making the foodie in me smile. But anyway, back to Father’s Day…

There were two options of menus to choose from – the Father’s Day BBQ (£40 for two people, or £70 for four), or the Roast Banquet (£25 per adult, and £20 per child). I went for the latter menu, just ordering for the two of us – I knew that Alfie wouldn’t eat four courses and when it comes to roast dinners, he keeps it beige (meat, potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and gravy). I say four courses, there were a selection of canapes to start, followed by a starter (three options to choose from), main course (four options), and a dessert (again, three options). You could mix and match too, so you didn’t need to order the same dishes for all members of your party, which was good – and gave us the option to try more.

The food arrived in individual containers, clearly marked and with cooking instructions – not all the dishes were covered by this, but it was incredibly helpful knowing what to do with specific dishes. I put the canapes in the oven first, and before sitting down to eat, I put my starter in (for the same amount of time), before cooking the main courses. The dessert could be blitzed in the microwave – after a breather, of course! The menu was also attached, so I could remind myself (and Ash) what I had ordered.
Satay chicken skewers, Korean pork belly, Thai green arancini, sweetcorn fritter

Wow, what a way to start! The pork belly was amazing, so melt in the mouth and as I had ordered pork for my main course, it made me more excited to try that later. I adore arancini, but it’s not something I eat often. The Thai green flavours were delicate and aromatic, and just so well-balanced – it was Ash’s favourite canape, and Alfie really enjoyed it too. The chicken skewer was succulent and hadn’t dried out through oven re-heating. I don’t think I’d ever had a savoury fritter before (pineapple fritters are life), but it was really delicious – the corn had a sort-of roasted flavour which was different, but so tasty.
Smoked ham hock & chicken terrine, barbecued pineapple, seed cracker
Wild garlic, smoked potato & gruyere croquette, saffron aioli

Being a surprise, I chose Ash’s courses for him. I kept it a surprise until the day before, when I explained my plans and showed him the menu. I then asked him what dishes he would have picked, and I’m pleased to say I got the starter spot-on. He said he would have chosen pork over lamb, although lamb is his favourite (I said we could swap or even share and have a two-meat roast), but I got the dessert right too! I asked him for his thoughts on all the dishes –

The portion of the starter was a good size and the quantities of each element complemented each other. I didn’t eat the terrine with the crackers, as I thought it would fall off.

I thoroughly enjoyed my jumbo croquette. The flavours really went well together and despite combining usually strong tastes such as garlic and gruyere cheese, no flavour was more overpowering than the other. But that saffron aioli – wow. I gave it a quick mix and what a beautiful vibrant colour, it completely intensified. And it was absolutely the most perfect accompaniment.
Wild garlic & rosemary lamb shoulder
12-hour cider braised pork belly with crackling
(Served with roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, glazed roots, braised red cabbage, green beans, tenderstem broccoli and gravy)

The lamb was cooked really well, and it was just fell apart. Nothing was spared when it came to the trimmings – and I couldn’t eat it all.

My pork was delicious, just as well-cooked and tender as the canape. I had two pieces of crackling, which was the tastiest and crunchiest crackling I’ve ever had. I couldn’t eat it all, because it’s always too rich for me. Everything was well-seasoned, especially the garlic & herby roast potatoes. There was plenty of veg, including my favourite – braised red cabbage, always vastly overlooked in roast dinners and so underrated! The portions were really generous and there was plenty of gravy too – I don’t normally swamp mine and eat my Yorkshire dry so had lots to spare.

Alfie didn’t eat too much, as expected – he had a bit of both meats, two roast potatoes and half of my Yorkshire pudding. Of course, he had all the gravy and was just spooning it up off his plate. Despite not eating it all, he wasn’t full and had room for pudding.
Apple & plum crumble, custard

I couldn’t tell exactly what fruits were in the crumble, but it was delicious. I love my custard and there was just about the right ratio of crumble to custard for my liking.

I too, wasn’t sure what fruits there were in the crumble – the original menu said apple & plum (as above), but the menu with the cooking instructions said apple & pear. As you can see, there was a purple tinge and I’m sure I had a blueberry in my portion. But it was delicious. I love crumble but it’s always got to have the right ratio of fruit to crumble topping, and crumble topping to custard – and this was perfect!

I gave Alfie one spoonful of crumble and two of custard and he thoroughly enjoyed it.

All in all, everything was delicious and for a special occasion dinner, The Brothers’ Supper really deliver. I’ve literally been drooling over their roasts and taster menus since. I know the next time we host for friends, I’d happily order in, instead.

Love, Lucy xx

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