Hello Fresh – our fourth box

So the title is a bit misleading as when I went to find the photos to accompany this post, I released this was actually our fifth Hello Fresh box. I’ll post the real box four soon. Anyway, after having an offer for four boxes, I had accumulated a lot of money off future boxes with all the issues I’ve had with missing and incorrect ingredients. It’s safe to say, there were more issues with this box too – to the extent I was offered £10 off a box, which I requested was refunded to my bank account instead, before the Twitter team gave me 50% off a box. That will be the last one. So keep your eyes out for my fifth and sixth (final) posts coming up over the next month or so.

But what did I cook this time?
Sunday:         Pancetta penne all Arrabbiata with cheese & garlic ciabatta
On Sunday, I normally cook a roast or something that can be easily batch cooked in my Le Creuset dish – shepherd’s pie, for example. Out of all the options from the Hello Fresh box, this seemed to be the best in terms of catering to Alfie. I could cook it all without the chilli flakes and then add a little bit of heat to my own food. It was a hit with all the family (although Alfie didn’t like the cheesy garlic bread) and it’s something I could easily replicate and adapt with different types of pasta and meat options. I thought the garlic ciabatta could have done with some herbs, it was quite pungent!
Monday:      Indian chickpea koftas with sweet potato fries and salad
Meat-free Monday was semi-successful. Ash liked it, I didn’t. The koftas just wouldn’t play ball – hard to mix, bind, shape and fry. They just wouldn’t cook evenly and even on a low-heat, managed to burn slightly. Don’t get me wrong, they were flavoursome, but the texture was like mush. That combined with sweet potato fries which are notoriously soggy – it was just a bland meh texture. The fresh salad was delicious and even the lime mayo gave me something. I think I rated it a 1/4 though – brutal!
Tuesday:     Chicken & plum noodle stir-fry with bok choy
We were back onto a winner here – I love stir-fries and noodles and this just sounded really interesting. When I saw the title, I just assumed the plums were part of the sauce – but no, stir-fried sliced plums are unreal! This was just delicious: soft egg noodles, crunchy veg, sweet sauce with the hit of fresh red chilli and the tartness of the plums. Spoiler alert – there’s a similar dish with rice instead of noodles and it’s so dreamy. I’d definitely make both again, although Alfie preferred the rice dish. Note to self: buy ketjap manis.
Wednesday: Classic sausage burger with onion marmalade, wedges and salad
I didn’t receive the burger buns so improvised with brioche, which in my opinion is always much better as it’s not as dense. But these were great – so much so, I made them again in the week, minus the salad. The rocket within the burger was good, but the additional chopped cucumber with rocket on the side was a bit pointless and bland. The herby wedges were delicious. You cannot beat a homemade burger and I would never think of using pork mice or sausage meat, but it was so good – and the oregano wasn’t too overwhelming.
Thursday:    Crispy chicken with sesame wedges, bok choy and teriyaki mayo dipping sauce
Fakeaway Friday took place on Thursday as we were at mum’s that night (and it was Valentine’s Day). But despite the disaster that was the curdled mayo (I mean the soy made it all lumpy and disgusting, no matter how much I mixed), this was incredible. I love fried chicken in all forms, but this being thigh, was so full of flavour. The seasoning was beautiful, it was fried to perfection and so crispy and juicy! I’ve come to realise how boring and tasteless chicken breast is... thigh is where it’s at! Those sesame wedges were as good as I’d remembered from previous weeks – I’ve sang their praises time and time again. I love experimenting with fried chicken, different coatings and seasonings, but this is one I’ll make in a heartbeat.

No code this time, as I’ve deactivated my account – there were just too many problems for me. Like I say, the fifth and sixth posts will be up soon so you can have a nosey and hopefully get some mealtime inspiration. The recipes are easily replicated/adapted – and my friend at work said she managed to make them for cheaper too.

Love, Lucy xx

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