What I got for my birthday 2020

Bubu Box, Exploding Card, 30th Birthday,
Bubu Box, Exploding Card, 30th Birthday,
News flash – there’s absolutely nothing wrong with turning 30! I don’t know what I was worrying about. My Birthday was on a Thursday and I received a bonus day off from work, booking the Friday off as we went to Luxembourg for the weekend.

As I’ve got older, I’ve been really unfussed about my birthday – a far cry from my former younger self that loved getting spoilt and being centre of attention. But that hasn’t stopped me prolonging the celebrations – we hosted friends at ours two weeks ago for drinks and nibbles and I was out in MK with the girls at the weekend. I thought I’d share this post anyway!

The keepsake pictured above was from my lovely neighbour and friend – a great way to remember hitting my 30s. The box is all handmade and really delicate; I love all the relief and detail on it. I keep it on my dresser, away from little hands – as when the lid is removed, two of the sides fold down. It’s so nice to have a memento that can be treasured forever.

Of the money I received, some of it was transferred into Euros for spending money, but the main bulk is currently in my bank account. With my birthday so close to Christmas, I always struggle with what to buy. As I was fortunate enough to get everything I wanted at Christmas, I might just save it to update my spring/summer wardrobe or treat myself to a new perfume when I need some.
Origami Est, Origami, Papers, Paper Home.
As we were going away, Ash and I agreed we wouldn’t do presents this year, but he did buy me Esther’s book ‘paper home’. Est even signed the book for me! I also got some sheets of the lovely papers she uses, so there’s no doubt I’ll be folding soon... I’ve already got my eye on all the origami flowers. It will be nice to be able to make gifts for family and friends too. Just in case you were wondering, I bought Ash a new pair of football boots for his Sunday night six-a-side sessions.
Frascati, Prosecco, Chocolates, Yankee Candle,
Whitley Neill, Gin, Rasperry Gin,
As I mentioned, we hosted drinks for friends and the drinks were certainly flowing. My wonderful friend Vicky came up from London to celebrate, and she came armed with a bottle of craft gin and a bottle of Lanson. My friend Vanessa bought me a Whitley Neill set with a glass and bottle of raspberry gin, while my friends Laura and Maxine bought me prosecco! The gorgeous small Yankee was from Max too – I’m always burning candles, so can’t wait to use this one (I’ve already smelt it, and it’s lush).
Boden, Socks, Socks in a Box, Cath Kidston, Cosmetics Bag,
Mum went practical with a trio of Boden socks (much needed, as I only had three pairs in my drawer) and the cute Cath Kidston cosmetics bag. It was just the right size for my makeup while we were away, as I only had hand luggage. My other present from her is completing something off my bucket list – feeding the giraffes! Mum printed out the details of the experiences available around here: Woburn and Whipsnade, as well as Colchester Zoo. I’ve not yet decided when or where I will do it, but I’m going to look at the packages in more detail to see which one works out best. No doubt, I’ll be making it a family trip and would love to have Alfie with me, as he loves giraffes too! His favourite is Sophie La Girafe. I’m so excited!

Finally, not pictured were a few joint presents we got. Ash’s auntie and uncle gave us a voucher for Nonna’s, a restaurant in Woburn Sands. It’s a really lovely independent place, which specialises in Italian/Maltese cuisine. I’ve been before with the girls (and I had the most wonderful vongole linguini, which rivalled Sicily), but Ash has never been so I look forward to going with him – especially as I’ve sung its praises so much. His colleagues also gave us a voucher for a rum tasting experience. It was a thoughtful idea, as we don’t do much together. And while neither of us are drinking at the moment, I’m sure it will still be fun – although I’m not too sure what’s included or what the package entails.

Despite having a birthday and busy social calendar, January was the longest and toughest month ever. I’m glad it’s February and finally, the mornings are lighter... roll on spring!

Love, Lucy xx

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