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After combining July and August’s dates together, September was so busy. With a week’s holiday and Alfie’s birthday, we didn’t have a free weekend or time to date. D had to be postponed to this month. After lots of thinking and again, not much free time, we settled on dessert!

We were at the National Wedding Show on Sunday 13th at the Excel in London, so stayed at mum’s house that weekend. Luckily, there’s a dessert parlour in Basildon, only about 10 minutes away. We were going to make an evening of it, as there’s bowling and a cinema at Festival Leisure Park. But I was tired and it was very busy – so instead, we just went for dessert and went back to watch a DVD (The Dark Knight – it’s on our film poster).
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Sprinkles specialise in gelato and the counter is so extensive, it’s like heaven. But they also serve desserts and you can sit in, as well as takeaway. The menu is double-sided, with crepes, waffles, dessert jars, sundaes and cookie dough. You can order milkshakes and ice cream floats, as well as hot and other cold drinks – and of course, just ice cream!

We had been before, but that time, just ordered ice creams so went to the counter before finding a seat. It was a little different this time and we waited at the entrance to be seated. There were menus on the table and when we were ready, we had to join the queue at the counter. There was a 25-minute wait for hot food, but that was fine.  What wasn’t so great, was that we were surrounded by the local ‘rudegals’, so it certainly wasn’t a romantic date! Also the lighting is so bright - that combined with all the sugar will cause you to have a headache. It also means that none of the photos came out well.
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I chose the Bananatella & Cookie crepe and it tasted as good as it sounds. A massive crepe spread with Nutella, topped with crushed Oreos, banana slices and drizzled with melted chocolate. I had it with vanilla soft-serve ice cream (there was the option of cream or custard). It was delicious and strangely, not overly sickly, although it was very sweet. I couldn’t manage it all, of course, but I gave it a good go. I’m sure there was more than one crepe.
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Ash ordered from the custards section of the menu. I can’t remember the title of his dish, but it was basically a big goblet of hot custard with chopped banana and brownie pieces. Not the most photogenic, but if like him, you love custard, you’d be in your element. Unsurprisingly, he couldn’t eat it all – the portion sizes at Sprinkles are huge! I suppose we had eaten a roast dinner beforehand, too.

It was a quick-ish and cheap date – but just nice to go out and do something different, as well as spend time together. I guess since it’s November tomorrow, we’d better start thinking about date E.

Love, Lucy xx

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