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Matalan, High Street, Haul, Holiday Shop,
I was hoping I’d have more time to write and schedule this post before we went away, but of course, I didn’t and now my schedule is all over the shop (excuse the pun). To be honest, things have been pretty hectic with holiday, followed by Alfie’s second birthday. Due to popular demand, I shared this haul on my Instagram story and you can still find it under the ‘fashion’ highlight on my grid. In case you missed it, here’s my Matalan holiday haul.
Matalan, High Street, Haul, Holiday Shop,
Co-ord top: £10
Co-ord bottoms: £14
 I am such a co-ord person, I cannot get enough of them, particularly when I’m doing my holiday shop. I’d seen this printed one in an email Matalan had sent me, but initially, I had my mind set on a bold striped one. Unfortunately, while they had the trousers in my size (either 8 or 10), but all the tops were 16 and 18 (who even does that, btw?!) so I ended up choosing this one. I quite liked the contrast print and didn’t think I’d be able to pull it off – but I love it. It’s so lightweight and comfortable, so was perfect on the plane.
Matalan, High Street, Haul, Holiday Shop,
Bikini top: £10
Bikini bottoms: £7
The holiday shop was of course diminishing, not great for those wanting autumn/winter sun, and so the choice of bikinis wasn’t all that. The tops were mainly sold in bra sizes, which is what I would normally buy. But since having Alfie, they really aren’t true to size and I’ve found myself buying tops in dress size instead. I think I bought a size 10 top and 8 bottoms and both parts fit really well. I only wore it once on holiday, as I had packed one of my other bikinis – but we only spent three occasions by the pool anyway!
Matalan, High Street, Haul, Holiday Shop,
Shorts: £6
Dinosaur sandals: £3 £2.40
Blue sandals: £8 £6.40
Originally, I tried to get Alfie to try on a pair of jellies, but he wasn’t playing ball – I’m glad I decided against them, as I’d heard another mum complain about how much they rub and cut into baby/toddler’s feet. Instead, I picked up the other two pairs of sandals. He’s a size 5.5, but I bought both pairs in a 6. Both were too big and he didn’t wear either pair on holiday, instead living in his red canvas doodles! It’s a shame as the blue pair are so smart and the dinosaur pair would have been perfect poolside, or for our trip to beach. I can’t imagine they’ll fit him next summer, but for under £10, I can’t complain too much (his regular shoes from Clarks are so much more expensive!).
Matalan, High Street, Haul, Holiday Shop,
Swimsuit: £11
Pack of two hats: £5
Hero cap: £5
Sunglasses: £5 £2
Alfie loves Mickey Mouse and chose his own swimsuit, before I noticed the pack of two hats, with one that matched. He wore the matching one more than the other one, because he wore it while in the pool. The neck protector at the back was ideal and both the swimsuit and the hat were quick-dry, so we were able to leave them to dry in the sun, while sorting him out post-swim.

As I mentioned in my story, Alfie had a cap – a Paw Patrol one – which he used to take to nursery. Despite his name being written on the label, it was never in his bag and I’ve not seen it for over a month. It would have always been good to have a spare anyway, but it meant at the weekend and when at home in the garden, his head wasn’t protected. Again, I’m not sure if that cap will fit him next year, but it’s definitely done the job – and everyone on holiday (in the hotel and while on the tours) called him hero, which was really cute!

I also had a voucher for 20%, which was on the full-price items only (I’ve shown the full prices above). The other sale items have already been indicated and weren’t discounted further – so it was a pretty decent haul, price-wise. What do you make of the haul?

Love, Lucy xx

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