Celebrating Alfie’s Second Birthday

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Doesn’t time fly – I can’t believe that it was just last month that we were celebrating Alfie’s second birthday. Much like last year, we held the party at home, but this year he had extended celebrations. His birthday fell on Monday – the Monday after we had returned from holiday and so we were both back to work, and Alfie spent the day at nursery.
Birthday, Parenting, Family, Tea Party,
The Sunday before (15th September) was a tea party with family. Having arrived back from Madeira in the early hours of the morning, we were all tired – and there were lots of preparations. Alfie was quite overwhelmed by the number of people and wanted reassurance or cuddles from me and mum most of the time. Knowing that time wasn’t on our side, I ordered a sandwich platter and quiche bites from M&S.

Thankfully the weather was good, so we opened up the doors and had a walkthrough from the living room, through to the kitchen/diner and the back garden – offering loads of space, as we had about 16 people over!
Candle, Personalised Candle, Brinley Williams,
Candle, Personalised Candle, Brinley Williams,
One of the highlights of the table was the gorgeous personalised candle I was kindly [gifted] from Brinley Williams. The website sells all manner of beautifully personalised items including mugs, aprons, t-shirts and of course, the pillar candles. The candles can be personalised for a variety of occasions: birthday, Christmas, baptism, new baby, engagement and wedding – there are even wedding favours. I just knew a specially personalised candle for Alfie’s birthday will make a beautiful centrepiece and memorable gift.

I chose the personalised teddy bear candle (£21), personalising it with Alfie’s name, happy 2nd birthday and the date. I chose sky blue for the colour of the teddy bear (the text below is always black) and added a silver base trim. The personalised element was printed on a kind of acetate and while all decorations needed removing before lighting, it has made a great souvenir for Alfie’s baby book.

A lot of family comments on how lovely the candle looks and I’m pleased with the quality. I can’t find any information on burn time, but I chose the 20cm candle (there’s also a 21cm option too).
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The following weekend (Saturday 21st ), Alfie had his second party – this time with friends. Again, we held this at home and were really fortunate with the weather. He has been going to ChaCharChimps on the estate since he was three months old, so I always knew when he was old enough to get into it and have the right number of friends, I’d ask Ruth to do a party. Alfie now joins in with the songs and actions, plays with the props and even tidies away.ChaCharChimps, Party, Sensory, Scarves,
The turnout wasn’t what I was expecting, but there was a sickness bug going around and Alfie wasn’t fussed, he had a great time! Ruth is so good with the kids, no matter what their age, getting everyone involved. Much like the Friday show, the parachute and bubbles were a huge hit!

As well as sorting all the food myself this time, I also baked iced A biscuits for the party bags and some of the nursery girls. I actually really enjoyed baking again – as well as organising the party bags with colour-in masks and crayons, monster finger puppets for the boys and cat hair bands for the girls and stickers. Alfie was thoroughly spoilt with lovely presents.

I guess we’re now on the countdown to Christmas...

Love, Lucy xx

*Brinley Williams sent me the Personalised Candle FOC for review purposes but images and opinions are 100% my own.

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