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Our final day didn’t entirely go to plan, which put a bit of a downer on things. We decided to stay overnight in York on the way home to visit the city. I’d been before for the football, walking from the station to the city centre and then to Bootham Crescent; but Ash hadn’t been to York before. I’d mentioned about the Minster, the cobbled streets and most importantly, Bettys tearooms.

We took the Park & Ride to the city centre, which is a direct route with no stops between the two. We walked to the Minster first, but couldn’t go inside until after midday, due to service. We weren’t too bothered about going inside though and just took some photos of the exterior. It is such a beautiful building – and pretty iconic.
York, Minster, Architecture,
We walked through the park area, just behind the Minster, which was a little livelier – with a yoga class taking place, some stalls and also a floristry business setting up beautiful floral arch displays... very Instagram! I wish I’d taken some photos now, because it was just so summery and colourful. I have since Googled it and it transpired, there was a two-day festival called ‘Bloom!’ taking place – we will have to return.
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Luckily, York has a National Trust property and so we spent the rest of the morning visiting that – finally using our joint membership. Treasurer’s House is a Grade I listed building that’s over 2,000-years-old and supposedly has a haunted cellar. In addition to the entry fee (which of course we didn’t need to pay), we could also pay to do a ghost tour – it would have involved going down into the cellar and with Alfie (and the pushchair) we decided against it. We did need to leave the pushchair in the entrance, but Alfie was quite happy walking around for the most part. We were given a scavenger hunt for him too – we had to spot the Lego people in each room of the house. We struggled to find two of the rooms, as it wasn’t clear which stairs we were able to go up, but I loved looking around. I do love period properties, with their original features and have spent many days out at properties with my parents.

From here, we sauntered the streets of the city – looking at all the shops, restaurants and tearooms. The idea dream would have been afternoon tea or a simple cream tea at Bettys tearooms. In my last job, we worked with them on hamper incentives and I’ve tried so many of their products – still buying them now. Unfortunately, we didn’t book and when we arrived just after midday, the queues were out the door. Again, it’s another reason to go back, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t throw a strop and demand we go home immediately. Note to self: place an order soon.

So we did. We didn’t stop again after leaving York, other than when we were finally in MK to get some supplies (before Tesco shut at 4pm). And just like that, our road trip was over... and it was back to work the next day!

Today we drove 170 miles
Today we walked 4.9km

Total driving distance – 1,486 miles
Total walking distance – 55.3km

Love, Lucy xx

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