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If you read last month’s post, you’ll know that Keith and his lovely team at Babyled Food sent me their new range of sweet spreads to try. We’ve finally tried all of the six flavours and it’s fair to say that they were a hit with Alfie (although I do wonder whether it’s down to these recipes I’m going to share). I know what you’re thinking – babyled? But Alfie’s two in a few months! That’s right and while the range of Babyled spreads are perfect for those who are beginning the weaning journey: they’re simple and tasty flavours; they can also easily be added to meals for not-so-little mouths and toddlers! If you are keeping it basic, use them as spreads on toast, crumpets or brioche; or even use a dip for breadsticks.

My last post included the raspberry & beetroot, rhubarb & fig and yummy strawberry flavours, so if they take your fancy, click here. Meanwhile, I’ll be sharing recipes using the apple & pumpkin, tangy blueberry and mango & apricot flavours. So grab your shopping list and be inspired. These recipes will serve 4-6, depending on the age of your child (and also whether you dig in too... believe me, you won’t be able to resist).

Mango & apricot baked rice pudding
You will need:
·         1 can of rice pudding (I only had low-fat in the cupboard)
·         1 jar of mango & apricot Babyled spread

You will need to:
·         Pre-heat the oven to 180C fan
·         Pour the rice pudding in a Pyrex (or any oven-proof) dish or ramekin
·         Spoon and spread the mango & apricot Babyled spread over the top of the rice
·         Bake for 20 minutes, or until the top has coloured and skin has formed
·         Either serve immediately, or enjoy cold
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Apple & pumpkin granola**
You will need:
·         150g oats (I’d blitz these slightly if making for tiny mouths)
·         100g butter
·         50g raisins
·         1 jar of apple & pumpkin Babyled spread
·         1 tsp honey (optional)

You will need to:
·         Pre-heat the oven to 180C fan
·         Melt the butter carefully in the microwave
·         Mix the oats, melted butter, Babyled spread, raisins and honey (if using) in a large bowl, thoroughly
·         Spread the mixture on a greased or lined baking tray
·         Bake for 25-30 minutes
·         Remove from the oven and break up the pieces with a spoon; leave to cool
·         Serve with yogurt or fromage frais and fruit (we loved apple slices!)

**I meant to make flapjack fingers, perfect for a yummy breakfast, but the mixture was far too dry. This granola may have been a mistake, but it was still delicious!
Babyled, Babyled Food, Weaning, Parenting, PBloggers,
Babyled, Babyled Food, Weaning, Parenting, PBloggers,
Blueberry & white chocolate brioche pudding
You will need:
·         1 jar of blueberry Babyled spread
·         4 slices brioche
·         1 egg and additional yolk
·         1 dessert spoon sugar
·         100ml milk
·         20g white chocolate (I’d recommend using chocolate drops or Milkybar buttons. I broke up bits of Alfie’s Easter egg)
·         Handful of fresh blueberries
·         Butter for greasing

You will need to:
·         Pre-heat the oven to 170C (fan) and grease your chosen ramekin/dish
·         Spread butter and Babyled spread on each of the pieces of brioche and assemble like a club sandwich
·         Cut into halves or quarters (your choice) and arrange in your ramekin/dish, long sides down
·         Meanwhile, whisk the sugar and eggs until the sugar dissolves. Whisk in the cream and then pour over the brioche, in stages, ensuring it completely covers the brioche
·         Fill the gaps with blueberries and white chocolate, pushing into the brioche
·         Pour over the custard mixture and bake for 20-25 minutes
·         Serve as is
Babyled, Babyled Food, Weaning, Parenting, PBloggers,
Babyled, Babyled Food, Weaning, Parenting, PBloggers,I tried all three flavours prior to baking with them, to see what they tasted like on their own and I have to say they really are good – not overly sweet, but all totally natural. No nasties, just pure fruit. The apple & pumpkin one had a hint of cinnamon and to me would have been great with yogurt and a crumble-style topping. The blueberry one was our favourite though and I even used some on pancakes at the weekend for brunch – well we had Nutella and blueberries, but Alfie had the Babyled spread and strawberries!
I would definitely buy these and Alfie enjoyed them more than the savoury spreads – he may have a sweet tooth but he’s also older now and would no doubt enjoy the savoury flavours if I were to cook with those again. Thank you to the Babyled team for letting us sample your lovely products – it’s safe to say they were a hit in our household. Don’t forget, you can purchase the spreads through the Babyled Food website or find your local stockist online.
Love, Lucy xx

*Babyled Food sent me the BabyLed Spreads FOC for review purposes but images and opinions are 100% my own.

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