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If you saw my post last month, you’ll know I subscribed to Sweet Mail – a service that sends you a letterbox-sized parcel full of sweets and chocolate... I know, it’s my idea of heaven. Given the popularity of subscription boxes, I can’t believe it’s taken so long for someone to think up the idea. 

I received this box – my second one – at the end of April so I’m still very much none-the-wiser as to the frequency of my boxes. I’ve only just got round to finishing the contents, what with all the Easter chocolate in the fridge. In comparison to my first box, this one was full to the brim and it was a complete surprise when I opened it up and found no empty box space at all. I’m going to split this post into three categories: kid-friendly, nostalgia and more adult. So what was in my second Sweet Mail box?

Who doesn’t love a Flump? I know I do – and when I used to diet, they were my go-to snack, largely down to the low calories and the fact they’re fat-free. They’re the kinda thing you could eat your body weight in as they’re so light. Even as I’m writing this, I want another one.

The strawberry Chewits in my box arrived in a pretty awful condition – all squashed and stuck to the wrapper. It was hard to get them out of the paper, let alone eat them. A slight disappointment on an otherwise excellent box. Strawberry Chewits and white chocolate are an amazing combination though, so the Milky Bar went down an absolute treat. White chocolate is synonymous with children and even Alfie got a Milky Bar Easter egg for completing an egg hunt. This bar was all mine, though.

I don’t think I’d ever had Swizzels Wine Gummies before, but they were much nicer than Maynards. They were quite similar in texture/chewiness to midget gums and had that same fruity/bubblegum flavour. I ate the whole tube in one go – and quite frankly could have done both at the same time!

Cadbury Chomp and Fudge bars need no explanation, and to me, they’re totally underrated as chocolate bars – maybe because they are smaller and cheaper, and considered a kids’ treat. Random fact for you, when I pregnant, fudge bars were one of my cravings and I was known to eat one of those share-size bags of the mini bites all in one go. I’m sure my mum and Ash bought me multiple bags, as well as multi-packs of the fudge fingers! Even now, I love ‘em.

So many of the treats in the Sweet Mail box reminded me of childhood and none more so than the Melody Pop. I remember when we used to go on holiday as a family and mum would give us spending money. If we hit the Spanish supermarket or corner shop, the chances are, we’d spend our money on them and then spend the subsequent hours trying to play the tunes provided in the wrapper. 20 years later, the novelty’s certainly worn off but it still brought a smile to my face!

Staying with the lollipops – were you even a 90s kid if you didn’t jump on the Spice Girls Chupa Chup hype? No theme here, but two flavours of sugar-free lollies. You couldn’t tell that they were though and the flavours aren’t as artificial as I remember. I tried the cherry and cola and loved them both. PS: seeing Spice Girls on Saturday.

The Refresher bar reminded me of £1 mixes, as I often shoved all the 10p bars and sweets in my paper bag. I was always a strawberry Refresher girl over original, but it was nice to get a bar that was chewy and soft, rather than rock hard... ain’t nothin’ worse than breaking your teeth or damaging the roof of your mouth on one of these bad boys.

The final two products are ones that will no doubt spark debate. The first one is Freddo. Cue the people outraged that they’ve not been 10p for x number of years. I still love them though. Tesco recently put the price down to celebrate their 100 birthday (yep, I stocked up!). And something that sparked debate in our family home: is it Dip Dab or Dib Dab? Either way, there’s something magical about dunking a lollipop in masses of sherbet. Dad often bought these for us from the corner shop – just because. It’s another memory and one that makes my heart happy.
More Adult
I’d never had a Star Bar before, in fact, I’d never even heard of them! With the combination of chocolate, caramel and nuts, I was expecting it to be like a Snickers. But it wasn’t and I was pleasantly surprised. The middle was like peanut butter, just so heavenly. But I got my peanut/Snickers fix, with the White Snickers in the box. I didn’t realise this variation was available and I’ve not seen it in shops since. But it was really nice – and a lot less sickly than it suggests. That said, I probably wouldn’t have it again, unless it was Celebrations-sized.

Something I will have again if I can get my mitts on it, is the KitKat made with ruby cocoa beans. The bar itself was a gorgeous pink, almost rose gold colour which already makes it a winner in my book. The chocolate was rich and creamy, flavoured with berries. It was unusual but so enjoyable!

And last up, we have the Cadbury Dark Milk bar. I’d had this one before, as we often sometimes buy chocolate on the weekly shop and we’re trying harder to have more dark chocolate. If you’re not a fan and find it too bitter, this is a great bar to have as an introduction to ease you in gently. It combines the creaminess of milk chocolate with the depth of flavour of dark chocolate and the result is just so moreish. If you want to try it for yourself, it’s currently on offer at Tesco for £1 (85g bar).

So another really good box, with a wide range of products to suit all different tastes and preferences. Only one product arrived in a pretty much inedible condition, but I can’t complain too much and anticipate what’s to come in my third (and final?) box.

Love, Lucy xx

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