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Hello Europe, this is Tel Aviv calling and the 64th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s one of the most-watched TV events of the year, not only in Europe but as far as Australia and the USA. Love it or hate it – I’m firmly in the love it camp and watch it every year – Eurovision is back this weekend!

The final countdown is on, as tonight sees the first of two semi-finals, with the second following on Thursday night, before the Grand Final on Saturday night. We already know that hosts Israel are there, as well as the ‘Big Five’ (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom).

It seems that the world and his wife opt for Eurovision parties, because let’s be honest, a night in alone with Eurovision isn’t exactly fun – but any excuse to get your friends and family together; party like we’re still in the ‘90s, crack open the Bucks Fizz and whip out those score sheets to mark each act as they go. 

But what about a game of Eurovision bingo? If you’re a Eurovision super-fan, you know what to expect by now and even if you’re not, you can still play along too. I’ve listed 25 scenarios we can expect to see, so tick these off as you go. The winner is the first person to shout out when they hear or see each of the below and ultimately has the most wins by the end of the night.

Eurovision 2019 bingo scenarios
1. An act uses fire or some kind of pyrotechnics during their performance
2. An act uses water (for example fake rain) during their performance
3. An act pretends to play a musical instrument (no extra points if it’s blatantly obvious that it’s fake!)
4. The camera pans to a member of the audience who has their country’s flag painted on their face
5. Booing when Russia are mentioned, perform, or have the camera panned to them
6. Any form of outrage that Australia is not in Europe and should not participate
7. An act changes their costume mid-performance
8. The presenter/s change his/her/their outfits mid-show
9. The female presenter is told she looks very beautiful tonight
10. An act gives the camera the ‘love heart’ hand gesture
11. An act’s dress/outfit changes colour
12. Someone falls over on stage
13. Someone’s act is ‘sabotaged’ by an intruder
14. An act performs a bi- or multi-lingual song (or even a song in a made-up language!)
15. Singer winks or blows a kiss at the camera
16. An act ends their performance with “thank you Europe”
17. An act ends their performance with something politically/socially controversial
18. Graham Norton makes a sarcastic comment about politics
19. Graham Norton makes a sarcastic comment about a performer or their performance
20. Graham Norton gets the giggles
21. The jury thanks Tel Aviv (or Israel as a whole) for a lovely/wonderful/insert adjective evening
22. A country receives 12 points from their neighbour
23. There’s some kind of technical difficulty
24. Time lag between the host country and jury country during the voting
25. The jury voting goes wrong, or they have to start again

Do you love Eurovision too? Will you be playing along?

Love, Lucy xx

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