2018 Review & 2019 Goals

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This year was one of highs and low. The highs being Alfie’s 1st Birthday and watching him transform into the little character he is currently; two family holidays (and going baby-free for three days in Reykjavik); seeing our lovely friends Alex & Alex tie the knot; and of course, continuing to make this house our home. The lows have been low mind, it’s been a fairly lonely year. People I’d consider friends losing contact; the struggles of trying to make friends in a new location; the unsuccessful four-ish months I’ve had of trying to find work. It’s been a massive learning curve, not only in terms of motherhood, but with my confidence taking several knocks. I’m sure (read: I hope) 2019 will be a lot better.

I set myself three goals last year; so how did I get on?

Put less pressure on myself – this was with regards to blogging and as much it pained me, I wasn’t too bothered that I didn’t have the content or time to write bi-weekly, especially towards the end of the year. Being a mum and ensuring there’s order at home is far more important. I’ll continue to take that with me this year – if I don’t post, it’s not the end of the world and if I consequently lose followers, so be it.

Worry less – this is one I have not been able to adhere to. I handed my notice in at work at the end of June and technically finished a month later, despite my maternity leave ending in September. Since then, I’ve been looking for work – and worrying about the lack of opportunities, response to my applications and what I actually want to do (travel industry from home would be ideal ha). As a result, I’ve been worrying about money and the lack of it – affording the bills, the mortgage, just everyday things. And I worry about aspects of my life here – fitting in, making friends, finding new hobbies, ways to pass the time when I can be toddler-free (rarer than than a full moon!)... I think I’ll always be a worrier.

Tone up – I think I can count on one hand the number of times I hit the gym in 2018, so this was very much a fail. I would like to dedicate a couple of mornings (or evenings) a week to my fitness DVDs. Ultimately now, I just want to put weight on... I go to the doctors on Monday to see if they have a cause of my drastic weight loss and inability to put weight on!

And so to this year... well it’s clear I don’t stick to ‘resolutions, so I’m not going to make any! In two weeks time, I turn 29, so I’d love to complete as much of my ’30 before I’m 30’ list as I can. I’ll also get thinking of 10 more things I can add to the list to make it 40! Any suggestions?

Wishing you all the healthiest and happiest of New Years and always, thank you for reading.

Love, Lucy xx

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