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Dinosaur t-shirt & jogger set (£8)
Bear striped sweatshirt (£6)
Car print sweatshirt (£6)
Twist knit jumper (£8)
Jeans with braces (£10)
Cord dungarees & top set (£14)
Robot fleece pyjamas (£7)
5 pack short sleeve bodysuits (£5.50)

I’ve been to post this for ages, so apologies for the delay – but at least I can now say that Alfie has worn all of these items. I won’t lie, buying clothes for him is a struggle, as he’s always been quite a bit smaller than the average size. I mean around the waist. I’ve finally got rid of all the 6-9 months clothes which are too short on the arms and legs; he’s still in 9-12 months bits, which fit a lot better around the waist; but 12-18 months are far too baggy around his middle.

We’ve actually had to go out and buy 9-12 months clothing recently, as Alfie didn’t seem to have any – but with half of his birthday money (which we also contributed to), I decided he needed a new wardrobe, clothes for winter and in 12-18 months. I had never really considered Matalan for baby clothes, as the majority of his wardrobe is Next. But I’ve shopped there over the years and always found the clothing affordable but reasonable quality (unlike other ‘budget’ retailers)... so if it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for him!

I won’t go into all the items as they are posted above and you can see for yourself what we picked out... and who really needs to know about a basic essential like a vest?! But I was immediately drawn to the dungarees set, as he rocks them quite well and I loved the stripy long-sleeved top. He recently wore this outfit to soft play (you may have seen on Insta) and the trousers were a little on the long side, as well as difficult to roll up. With an all-in-one though, you don’t notice the fitting around the middle so much.

The jumpers are a great winter staple and the car printed one has a really fleecy lining, so perfect in this current weather. We both loved the green knit and Alfie’s received a few compliments when wearing it. I’m almost tempting to see if there’s an adult version because it’s so snugly. Of course, I’m still layering up with vests or t-shirts, but luckily these aren’t thin jumpers.

The pick of the bunch for me has to be the jeans with braces. I wouldn’t have dreamed of dressing Alfie in jeans when he was under 1 (for me, there’s something strange about a baby in jeans). But now he’s toddling and growing up, his style has also evolved. He’s had two outfits in the past with braces and they just make the overall look smarter... as well as keeping those baggy trousers up. You may have seen he wore these at his little friends’ joint 1st party (again at soft play) – I teamed them up with his Baby Ralph Lauren shirt and he looked so dapper!

I’ll definitely bear Matalan in mind for future hauls, as you get so many items for your money, but everything has washed well and retained its shape. What did you think of this haul? And would you like to see more posts like this?

Love, Lucy xx

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