Lovely Lunch at The Three Locks, Stoke Hammond

Three Locks, Stoke Hammond, Milton Keynes, Grand Union Canal, Pub, Restaurant, Review, Food Bloggers,
Three Locks, Stoke Hammond, Milton Keynes, Grand Union Canal, Pub, Restaurant, Review, Food Bloggers,
We are so lucky that there are many really nice pubs in the neighbouring villages and The Three Locks is definitely one of them... I mean, I went there twice in five days! Situated along the Grand Union Canal, the pub garden boasts wonderful views – especially when barges are present – and it’s the perfect place to enjoy a drink (or meal). Both times we’ve frequented, we’ve been fortunate with the weather, so have sat outside and this time round, we were right next to the canal (much to Alfie’s frustration, as he can’t stand being in the buggy for long periods of time and just wants to be on the move 24/7!).

The menu boasts several main courses, sandwiches, small plates and pub tapas at lunchtime. I had the crab & crayfish ciabatta last time, which was scrummy, but managed to persuade mum to share some tapas. I much prefer picking and sharing lots of little bites and it proved to be a great decision! This particular section is extensive, with 12 plates to choose from and you can select anything between three (£12) and six (£21). We were both pretty hungry, so went for five things – which arrived in different pots, but served on a wooden board.

The glazed buffalo chicken wings were to die for and five wasn’t enough; they were so sweet and sticky and covered in chopped spring onion, which added a crunch. The warm artisan breads were ideal for mopping up the potted Devon brown crab, which wasn’t what we were expecting. It was really smooth, almost creamy and didn’t have that distinct crab flavour. We were both pretty disappointed. The breads also came with rapeseed oil & balsamic vinegar (my favourite), for dipping, and spreadable salted butter. Alfie particularly like the tomato bread... he’s such a carb fiend! And then we ordered a couple of my favourites: salt & pepper squid and whitebait. Both were crisp; the squid, not overcooked or rubbery. The accompanying dips (chipotle mayo for the squid and tartare for the whitebait) were tasty too! I’d say that five items between two was a great shout and we left feeling suitable full, but not as though we’d ordered too much.

One thing I noticed from both visits is that it’s an incredibly popular place but there doesn’t seem to be many staff. Mum commented there was only one person running the bar – covering both rounds of drinks and food orders, so service was a bit slow and disorganised. The food didn’t take too long to come out, but we remained at our bench for the best part of an hour once we’d finished – and we weren’t rushed to leaved, or feel obliged to order anything else... just the way it should be for a leisurely lunch in beautiful surrounds. In fact, it was after we’d eaten that all (well three) barges went passed.

Having eaten two lunches at The Three Locks now, I’d love to return for dinner and to sit inside, to see how it compares.

Love, Lucy xx

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