Family Lunch at The Caldecotte Bar & Grill

A few weeks back, we visited Caldecotte for the first time and while the weather wasn’t nice enough to walk around the lake and enjoy the park, we had a lovely lunch at the pub! The Caldecotte Bar & Grill is part of the Greene King chain and it’s directly next to a Premier Inn – but don’t let that put you off!

The staff were friendly from the moment we walked in – and I wish I had got their names, so I could actually personally thank them on Trip Advisor or here. We were sat in the middle section of the restaurant – which used to be a windmill – giving us plenty of space to sit in a booth and position the high chair at the end of the table. Both the front of house and our waiter were genuinely interested in us, asking us about Alfie and keeping him entertained! They couldn’t have done more during our meal, which was reflected in the tip we gave (that they really weren’t expecting. Do people generally not tip in pubs?).

Is it me, or do drinks taste better when they’re in mason jars? We both ordered soft drinks from the ‘made in house’ section of the menu. Ash’s peach iced tea was cool and refreshing; but I lucked out with my rhubarb lemonade. Sweet and sour in equal measure, it was truly delicious. Next time, I want to try the strawberry lemonade, or even push the boat out and try one of the many gins or tempting cocktails!
Ash ordered from the lunch menu, choosing the club sandwich and upgraded by adding a portion of rosemary & sea salt fries to accompany it... I may have pinched one or two and they were delicious! Let’s be honest, the club sandwich is the king of the sandwich world and this one was no different: layers of toasted ciabatta sandwiched shredded chicken, smoky bacon, tomato and lettuce. Part of me wishes I’d have gone for it, but there’s no food envy on my part.
I ordered from the main menu and there was far too much choice. I was tempted by steaks and handcrafted burgers, but in the end, decided on a salad. But this wasn’t any ordinary salad. The summer super salad consisted of roasted butternut squash chunks, red onion wedges, red pepper and new potato halves, with a raspberry & mint vinaigrette. I added shredded roast chicken to my salad, but there was the option to add halloumi, rump steak or grains. While the salad was already dressed, there was an additional pot on the side – which I just had to use. It was incredible and perfect for spring/summer. Like I say, not your standard boring salad! I would definitely have it again, but I’m left with the dilemma of halloumi or steak?

Alfie was so well behaved during our meal and stayed in his high chair – something that doesn’t happen often when we are eating... he just loves being at the table, on a lap! We fed him before our meals arrived, which wasn’t a problem – and he smiled at everyone. As I mentioned, the staff seemed to love him. We need to return on a nicer day to check out the surrounds – and maybe even sit outside!

Love, Lucy xx

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Love, Lucy xx

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