2017 review & 2018 goals

Birthday weekend in Cardiff with Ashley | Birthday meal at Bob Bob Ricard with Vicky | Afternoon tea at Malmaison, Birmingham with Gems | Poppy’s surprise 30th afternoon tea | London with the workies for Poppy’s 30th | Afternoon tea at The Sanderson with Poppy | Holiday in Palermo with Ashley | Stone Roses at Wembley | Work Awards featuring Paddy McGuinness | Ireland road-trip with Ashley | Michelle and Will’s wedding | Introducing Alfie Page | My baby shower (with the baby in attendance) | Moving into our first family home | Alfie’s first Christmas | New Year’s Eve 2017

It’s fair to say that 2017 was the best year of my life, to date. After the heartache at the beginning of the previous year, I ended that one happy – and that continued all throughout the year. I may not have fulfilled my quota of five holidays a year and I definitely didn’t visit dad as much as I wanted to. But I changed jobs (which did my health, pregnancy and well-being a massive favour!), found out I was pregnant, road-tripped across Ireland and Northern Ireland with my best friend, gave birth to the healthiest (and happiest) little boy and we bought our first home, which saw me up sticks and move counties. I just know that 2018 will be equally as good – but hopefully a little quieter!

I set myself just the three goals last year; so how did I get on?

Get fitter
At the beginning of the year, I was gymming and losing weight. And then I found out I was pregnant. Thankfully, I sprung straight back into shape, after giving birth but I have started training again today – I would love my mum tum to completely disappear. I didn’t manage to go swimming but soon, I’ll be able to go with Alfie! Or maybe we could go as a family on a Sunday?

Save as much as possible
Well this one went very well. I managed to save enough to move out – and it’s done me a massive favour as maternity pay is shocking and I’ll be using my savings to pay off the mortgage!
Apply common sense
I had to ask Ashley about this one ‘cos I wasn’t sure if I had managed it. But he said I’ve definitely got better. I know I still say silly things and having moved to a new and unfamiliar area, my sense of direction is still abysmal. But I’ll get there! 

And so to next year – what would I like to achieve?

(1) Put less pressure on myself
This is with regards to blogging. I have always loved posting twice a week and at the moment, I have such a backlog of content. There are posts in my drafts or written in my notebook that I’ve not been able to type up. Looking after Alfie full-time is a job in itself and I beat myself up when I can’t post on time – or at all. I’m not sure how mummy bloggers manage – can anyone share some tips?

(2) Worry less
I have always been a worrier. Since I’ve had a baby and moved, I have definitely realised who my real friends are – and it’s not as many as I thought. I worry about not being liked, I worry about money, I worry I’m not good enough, I worry there aren’t enough hours in the day. So I’ve decided not to worry so much. If I don’t get the housework done on a Tuesday, there’s always Wednesday. If someone decides they don’t like me, their loss. I’m just gonna carry on and smile as much as possible.

(3) Tone up
I’d love to lose three kilos if possible; but ultimately, my aim is to tone up. While I went back to my pre-pregnancy weight straight away, I have a definite mum tum, that I’d love to get rid of. My thighs have also got bigger. And I’d love to have a bigger bum. Like I said, I was back in the gym today, so I have good intentions.

As I mentioned in my last post, thank you to everyone that has read my blog over the last year – and beyond that! I will try and be a bit more social, but links to my channels are below, as always.

Love, Lucy xx

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  1. You absolutely smashed 2017 and will 2018 as well. You are a fantastic mum to Alfie and having a sense of direction is overrated anyway ;) xx


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