This Week for Dinner #1

Another new series I have wanted to introduce since we moved and now I’m getting quite a back log! As I mentioned in a previous post, when I was pregnant, I became such a lazy cook, more often than not, relying on mum to cook for us. But, as avid readers of my blog and social channels will know, I’m a massive foodie and love cooking... hell, I’d even say I was good at it!

Now I’m at home full-time with Alfie and Ashley works long hours, it’s down to me to ensure dinner is on the table. We always eat fresh, too – something I think is very important. There is rarely processed food in the house and long may that continue! I love to keep it simple and will often use a maximum of five ingredients, before adding seasonings, marinades and other cupboard staples.

If you’d like me to post any of these recipes, please let me know in the comments, or let me know on social – as always, my links are at the end of this post.
Soy & honey chicken rainbow stir fry
Chicken – whole wheat noodles – sugar snaps – peppers – spring onions
Salmon parcels with paprika potatoes & green veg
Salmon fillet – potato – sugar snaps – tenderstem broccoli – spinach
Pork fillet fried rice
Pork fillet – brown rice – carrot – peppers – tenderstem broccoli
Creamy chicken with vegetables
Chicken – cream – mushrooms – spinach – sugar snaps

What do you think of this new series?

Love, Lucy xx

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  1. These look delicious. I’m with you that food should be fresh as much as possible. Looking forward to seeing more of these xx


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