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Sunday stroll to Dunstable Downs – TBT: Mallorca 2016 – Lush weekend in the garden – Soy glazed chicken with courgetti – Monthly Favourites – Walk around Grove Lock – Happy 57th Birthday, Daddy – Work Awards, ft. Paddy McGuinness – Thai banquet with the fam at Lemongrass – TBT: Love old family photos... that blonde hair!

So despite feeling massively busy recently, I’ve not done too much to shout about. I’m also really relishing a quiet weekend, because my energy levels are at an all-time low and I’d love nothing more than not worry about my social calendar and driving. I realise my little space and presence on social has deteriorated – but sometimes, there are far more important things to worry about... I’m honestly so tired at the moment, so don’t feel I can give the time to it all or give you the best content to read. I know for a fact this will change soon, so keep with me.

The weather may be pretty awful now, but we did have some lovely weekends and I made the most of it – spending time outside, whether it be in the garden, or going for walk. Surprisingly, I have a better tan from being outside in this country, than I did when I was in Sicily... not saying much though, I’m still pasty AF! We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon walking to Dunstable Downs, where we sat and watched paragliders, as well as the local gliding club in action. More recently, we drove to Grove Lock and enjoyed a cold Pepsi in a beer garden, before walking along the canal – almost making it to Leighton Buzzard... But I got too tired!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended my annual work awards, which was an enjoyable evening – even if I was drinking and drove home early on. I bought my dress from Little Mistress the week before and I was so pleased with it – it fit so well. I received some lovely comments from colleagues and on Insta as well, which made me feel a million times better, as I’ve been feeling a bit bleugh, lately. Paddy McGuinness hosted the night, which was amazing – and one of the Cruise Lines also sponsored it – but the magic mirror photo booth was incredibly popular and a hit with me!

That weekend, my auntie and uncle were over from Madrid – so of course we went out for dinner (read: An extensive Thai treat at Lemongrass, Brentwood). Earlier in the day, Ashley and I went to visit my Nan; before we came back, ready for an evening in Brentwood. On the Sunday, we spent the afternoon at Ash’s mum’s house. And on Monday, after work and a trip to the hospital, we (me, mum, Robert, my auntie and uncle) went to the local pub for dinner. So it was definitely a weekend of eating! But like I’ve said, it was incredibly busy.

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx

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