How I stay organised

When it comes to organisation, sometimes I think I verge on having some form of OCD. But trying to juggle a 42.5 hour working week with a commute of 400 miles, a social life, relationship and blog, I have to keep on top of things. There are some evenings I get in late, feel like I've got nothing done - maybe time goes too quickly - or had time to myself. So how do I stay organised?

Every year I have a diary, in fact it's a Christmas requirement. Because it isn't just a place where I plan social events, I feel the need to track EVERYTHING! I love an A5 diary with additional sections (this one's from Paperchase), because those smaller-sized ones just aren't enough for me, or my large handwriting. In the back of this one I have my New Year's Resolutions, with monthly updates on how I'm doing; I track my finances, which proved helpful when I had my spending ban; I log my mileage for my car, because the last two years I've had it serviced early (like two/three months early); and I've even got a blog section with random ideas for posts and the ones I go ahead with, I date/schedule. The social calendar side of things is obviously very important and Ashley often asks "what are we doing on x weekend?" - hold on, while I refer to my bible!

To Do Lists
I got this To Do list in a YooHoo stationery box ages ago now and as soon as I received it, I knew I would laminate it so I could use it again and again - and what a fabulous idea that was! I update it weekly, although some of the items on the list are repetitive (blog posts, clothes away etc). There's nothing more satisfying than crossing items off a list, especially a long one. I also swear by lists at work and have those calendar-style ones so I know what I have to do each day. Again, I love crossing each thing off as I do it - and spend the first five minutes of the day working out a plan of action.

Meal Planning
Again, this particular chart is from a YooHoo box and when I was on my proper meal prep/healthy eating thang, I was using this every Sunday. I don't really use it as much these days, but there is a shared one downstairs that my mum updates. That one is a paper chart with tear-off sheets, which also comes with a pencil and shopping list, so you can write down the items you need as you plan your meals. The shared one is great as we can all make a note of when we aren't in for dinner, as well as make suggestions for shopping and meal ideas. When I'm most organised with my meal planning, I feel better. I've become quite lazy recently and whereas I'd previously cook every day, I now leave it to mum - and have found I'm actually eating more, because I haven't got a set plan. Maybe I'm not as organised as I thought!

How do you stay organised?

Love, Lucy xx

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  1. Sometimes I feel like we're the same person because I am exactly the same! I need to get on the meal planning bandwagon though x


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