Two-for-One Saturday night fun at Brickyard, Romford

I last went to Brickyard with Vicky in August 2014 (post - Restaurant Review: Brickyard) and it has changed since then, which is one of the reasons we prolonged our visit. This time, Callum and Ash joined us and the four of us caught up last Saturday night.

While the menu has changed quite dramatically, everything else remained very much the same. It’s still two-for-one on selected cocktails until 9pm – something I immediately took advantage of, as we met Vicky and Callum at the bar. The strawberry daiquiris are honestly to die for: they’re full of rum, frozen and blitzed to perfection – ideal for soothing my sore throat, but also meant I drank them far too quickly! After a quick catch-up, we were shown to our table, which was in the main restaurant (where we sat before), as opposed to the more private and exclusive booths at the back of the building.

The decor and ambience was also the same – the restaurant is so modern and luxe and the music playing in the bar extends to the restaurant too. It does make conversation quite difficult, especially when the restaurant is busy – and there were a couple of larger parties on Saturday night: a lad’s birthday knees up and a Hen Do. Thankfully, this didn’t deter the evening and again, the service was good.

On Saturday nights, there’s a set menu as opposed to the usual a la carte – three courses for just under £35. It is very similar to the usual menu but something all the diners must have. I admit I was a little daunted by the concept of having three courses, especially when I can barely manage one – but there’s plenty of choice, including a specials board. I spent far too long chatting and drinking, that I completely forgot to look at the menu so I did make a very quick decision when the waitress arrived at our table.
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We actually all opted for different starters: Soup of the Day (a herb based tomato one) for Ash; chicken wings for Callum (following Vicky’s recommendation); the beetroot and goats cheese salad (which looked colourful and incredibly tasty) for Vicky and I went for the tempura prawns. The batter was light, crisp and well-seasoned and I loved the fresh flavours of the carrot & coriander salad. The sweet chilli sauce wasn’t too overwhelming and there was even a dash of garlic mayo. I don’t usually order starters, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one!
Dining, Review, Brickyard, Romford, Essex, Fdbloggers
Dining, Review, Brickyard, Romford, Essex, Fdbloggers
In terms of main courses, I feel as though I lucked out with my choice: the chilli & lime rump steak from the specials board. It came with a side of skin-on fries, a mixed dressed salad, grilled tomato and Portobello mushroom – there was just so much food! The marinade on the steak was lush and not too spicy and the meat itself was so tender and grilled to perfection. I had asked for mine to be rare (as I always do with steak), but the waitress recommended medium – I decided to go with this and when the steak arrived, it was definitely still rare and cooked to my liking. I wasn’t a fan of the chips last time and they’ve certainly improved – I just could not manage any of the other sides. Callum also chose the steak – also cooked medium – while Vicky kept it simple with the grilled chicken breast and Ash went for the honey roast duck breast. It looked delicious and was presented beautifully – if I wasn’t so full and could handle more red meat, I would have tried some.

As Happy Hour was coming to an end, we ordered some final cocktails for the table. Somehow there was a bit of a mix-up and instead of ordering two daiquiris (one each), we ended up with four! There was further confusion with the dessert menu. We were all feeling suitably full and the waitress said to leave the menus face down until we were ready to order – giving us time to talk and to get our appetites back. However, she came back to the table almost instantly, much to Vicky’s amusement.
Dining, Review, Brickyard, Romford, Essex, Fdbloggers
I panicked when I came to ordering dessert, as I really couldn’t manage anything else – but I chose the same as Vicky: the cookies & cream parfait with chocolate chip cookie and chocolate shot. It was quite sweet and rich, but the parfait was a lovely consistency. The homemade cookie was gooey and complemented the parfait well, while I didn’t think the shot of chocolate sauce was needed. I couldn’t finish that, or my two frozen drinks.

Brickyard was just as good as I remembered and on the whole, I don’t think it had changed that much. Although the music can be quite loud, making it difficult to converse, it’s great for the bar scene. The restaurant is perfect for larger parties and it’s also a good place to begin the night, before moving on to somewhere else.

Love, Lucy xx

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  1. So lovely to see you both. Still thinking about my dessert!! X


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