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It’s been a while since I last posted an Insta/Life update, but I honestly don’t think I’ve done much exciting. My Instagram is really lacking at the moment, which I hate – but I’ve just got no inspiration! I feel like these posts are going to be monthly going forward, but hopefully then, I can fill you in on all things Luce.

Throwing it back almost a month ago now, mum and I went to see Barnet play Colchester. I bought tickets really early, as it’s practically a home game for us (just up the A12) and they were really cheap (like £14 each, as opposed to £25!). The weather was awful and Barnet lost – I think mum has seen them win once, so she’s not a lucky charm. It was nice to have a day out and see some familiar faces, though.

With Valentine’s Day being on a Tuesday, Ash and I swapped cards at the weekend and I had dinner on Tuesday at home with mum and Robert after work. But we did get a single rose in a box and a bottle of Veuve Clicquot at work, which I opened and shared with everyone that evening. Talking of cards, I still believe I found the best one ever – courtesy of Love Layla.

Fast forward a week and I had the laziest weekend ever – I honestly feel so run down at the moment and constantly tired; if anyone has any tips for making me feel better, please share them below. I honestly spent the whole time napping and snapping – I’ve been loving all the animal Snapchat filters at the moment and that snow leopard (it is a snow leopard, right?) is my actual favourite!

If you read Tuesday’s post, you’ll know that we went to see Aladdin the Musical at the Prince Edward Theatre in the West End. It was such a good show – with amazing special effects. Outside the theatre, you could have your photo taken with the lamp and of course, the big kid in me could not resist. Thankfully after the show, the queues weren’t as long! I don’t think I’d have waited more than five minutes though!

Then last weekend, I went to Birmingham. We were at a friend’s birthday celebrations in the evening but I decided to head up early and meet my best friend for afternoon tea. I booked a cocktail afternoon tea at Malmaison (in the Mail Box) and will be blogging that next week... so keep your eyes peeled. After carbing myself up on wraps and cake, I met Ash and we went out for dinner at a lovely little independent Italian place where – you guessed it – I committed carbocide! We came home just after midnight, so of course, I had another slobby Sunday!

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx

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