What’s on my bedside table?

I’ve been meaning to write a post like this for a while now, because it’s a little bit different. Unfortunately, my table is forever cluttered, as I have far too many products – and to be honest, the table is quite small. Before I go into the products in a little more detail, the table itself is Lloyd Loom and I have no idea where my dad bought it from, but I’ve also got the matching chair. They were bought when my room was first decorated and I’m starting to wish they were both white, instead of blue. But they are beautifully designed and have served me well for years now... So what is on my bedside table?

I keep my most-used perfumes on this table, to grab and spritz while getting ready for work – or throwing into my handbag when going out at the weekend. My favourite at the moment is Donna by Valentino; although, as you can see, I love anything by Marc Jacobs. The Escada Desire Me fragrance is the one I wear if I’m out on an evening and while I don’t wear it often, I love the bottle, which is why it stays on my table.

My skincare routine doesn’t really vary throughout the year. In the mornings, I use the Clarins cleanser and toner for combination skin, followed by Studio 10’’s primer as a base for my makeup. In the evenings, I remove my makeup with the Garnier oil-based micellar water, before using Garnier’s miracle sleeping cream, Instant Comeback by Benefit and the amazing Espa 24-hour replenishing eye cream. There are a couple of other products including Lush lip scrubs and Sanctuary Spa moisturisers, but I use those as and when, rather than daily.

I keep the majority of my haircare products in a separate drawer, along with all my stylers (hairdryer, GHDs and Curl Secret). However, I absolutely love the L’Oreal Kerastase range of beautifying oils and have three on the go: the pink for when my hair is freshly-coloured, the green for when it’s in need of a trim and the gold, for that in between stage. I use TREsemme’s heat defence spray before blow drying and the Three More Inches oil is such a miracle product – and totally works!

Lipstick Collection
I bought the cheapy acrylic lipstick holder from Amazon and it’s the perfect size for my table – although I realise I need to up my lipstick collection. My favourite current brands are Charlotte Tilbury, Dior and Illamasqua. Which brands do you recommend? The majority of my collection are matte-finish, because I prefer that and find it ideal for work. Would you like to see an in-depth post on my collection?

I also have couple of other cheapy Amazon bits – the cotton bud holder, which I love as it keeps them easily accessible – and my makeup brush holder. My brushes are a mix between Real Techniques and cheaper RT dupes (which I find equally as effective). I keep my eyebrow products (pencil, brushes and gel) in this pot, as well as my tweezers and emery boards. It’s just the perfect go-to for all things beauty. To be honest, when I move, I’ll be chucking the acrylic bits – and definitely be switching to copper/rose gold. Is it bad that I’ve planned it all out in my head?

Would you like to see more posts like this? Let me know in the comments below.

Love, Lucy xx

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