What I got for my birthday 2017

I decided against blogging about what I got for Christmas last year, although there’s no doubt a few of the items will feature in my next monthly favourites. The posts for my birthday are going to be never-ending as I celebrated four (!) times and most of them will involve food (sorry, not sorry). As always, this post isn’t me showing off – I love reading these posts and I was honestly really grateful for everything I received. I got most of the items on my Christmas lists so I really wasn’t expecting anything at all.
I’ll start with what I got from Ashley, as these were the first presents I opened when I got to his from work on the Friday before my birthday. As well as taking me to Cardiff for the weekend, where we also had the loveliest meal at Chapel 1877, he bought me the Polaroid camera I’d had my eye on. It came with the matching case and a couple of packets of the paper as well – so of course we spent the first 15 minutes trying (and failing) to perfect the selfie. It’s going to come in handy with our little adventures this year and I can’t wait to start filling in my travel journal and storing memories. He also bought me the cutest personalised cosmetics bag, which will also be really useful for our travels – while also being perfect when I pack my overnight bag at the weekends.
My mum bought me one of the items from my Christmas list – the silk pillow case. As well as being super soft, I am interested in seeing if the benefits work. After being told on my spa day that I have ‘old eyes’, I’m hoping it reduces/prevents wrinkles and creases. Plus, it’s meant to be good for your hair, preventing dryness and split ends. I’m getting my hair cut on Friday, so maybe I’ll try it the following week. She also bought me the Kopparberg spiced apple gift set and the cutest Disney Princess shopper bag, which I cannot wait to rep at Sainsbury’s Tollgate when on my lunch break from work! On my actual birthday she took me for lunch at The Two Brewers and the following Sunday she treated us all to lunch at The Ostlers (post coming soon).
Ash’s mum knows I have a bit of an obsession with candles and gave me this gorgeous Baylis & Harding gift set with three different scented votives: sweet mandarin & grapefruit, jojoba, silk & almond and midnight fig & pomegranate. As soon as I opened the box, all the scents were lush – the midnight fig & pomegranate was immediately my favourite and I’m currently burning it. It smells even better once lit, too. I have a jar of votives on my window sill, as well as some larger jars for decoration.
And finally, the workies spoilt me again this year – getting me a collection of my favourite things. The chocolates and prosecco need no introduction. The prosecco candle is amazing – and is two of my favourite things combined. I received a smaller one last Christmas, so I’m pleased to have received another. The flamingo ring holder is super cute and is currently sitting on my dresser, empty. I received some birthday money from my Nan and Auntie so I will definitely be having a little trip to Pandora! And then the final two gifts are probably because I always tell them I’m a mermaid: the bubble bath is absolutely perfect, but the highlight was the mermaid blanket! I had mentioned before that I wanted one and I’m so pleased Poppy remembered. It’s pink, snug and I am SO in love.

I think my brother is going to buy me perfume, when I decide which one I want... and probably after I’ve bought his Christmas present! Whoops.

Love, Lucy xx

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  1. Oh the Polaroid camera looks amazing! I want to get one of the little instant printer things, it makes such a difference having tangiable photos I think. Also, silk pillowcases are life. X


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