Blogmas #5 That Yankee Candle Christmas Feeling

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On the fifth day of Blogmas... I want to share my favourite Christmassy scented Yankee Candles with you this evening. I light candles throughout the year, but there’s something warm and comforting about lighting them during the colder months – and when there are special edition scents, there is nothing better. In fact I’m currently burning Pain aux Raisin as I write this post – I love its buttery sweetness – it may not be particularly Christmassy, but it’s still lush.

Christmas Cookie & Snowflake Cookie
These two are my joint favourites and I buy a few votives of both every year. I am a sucker for sweet scented products, not just when it comes to candles and anything biscuit/cake related is a winner in my eyes. As you’d expect, Christmas Cookie is that: buttery, sweetened with vanilla, with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon. It actually smells like my dream kitchen – y’know when freshly baked biscuits are taken out of the oven. Snowflake Cookie is baby pink in colour and while it’s similar to Christmas Cookie, it’s sweeter. There’s no element of spice, just lots of vanilla and marshmallow. 

Snow in Love
I remember first sampling this in votive form and I was drawn to the name, rather than the scent. Although I’m normally into sweet and sickly scents, Snow in Love is much fresher, but I really like it. Combining citrusy notes with florals (jasmine and patchouli), I can best describe this as rich and luxurious. When lit, it has that fresh, crisp smell like a winter’s day. I find it perfect for when I want to unwind – this is a great candle to take into the bath to help relax.

Christmas Memories
Christmas Memories is the ideal scent if you’re looking to get all nostalgic this winter. I love this because if I close my eyes I’m transported to my childhood, either to my Nan’s kitchen or our own, where we’d bake sweet treats. The combination of sweet and spicy aromas is something I’ll always associate with Christmas and this contains cinnamon and vanilla. Gingerbread is one of my favourite festive smells and once lit, the combination of those notes come together to create something almost good enough to eat.

Cosy by the Fire
There’s nothing like being snuggled in front of the fire with a Christmas film and glass of mulled wine – and this candle combines those to create something truly lush and perfect for the season. Mixing orange with spices (notably ginger and cloves) and cedar wood, this easily warms the heart. There is that earthiness through the wood notes but it’s also comforting. If you’re looking to impress this winter, decorate your living room with the tea lights and bring the magic of Christmas to your home.

I could quite easily list the majority of the special edition scents as my favourites, as I love them all. Cranberry Ice is another favourite of mine, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere this year.

What are your favourite Christmas Yankee Candles?

Love, Lucy xx


  1. I could have Christmas candles lit all year round! I discovered Skandinavisk in my local scented candle shop this christmas and could never go back now!

    1. I'll have to check them out - never heard of them before! Thanks for adding the link :) xx


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