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Standard work selfie – Pre-brunch selfie ft. Fur coat – Bottomless brunch at Big Easy – Reunited with the 4 Eagle girls – Sunday Funday – Lean in 15: Joe’s chicken pie – Swatching the Barry M palette –Happy Humpday – Current listening, in readiness for June – Snapchat Halloween filters = unreal – Cocktails with my bestest in Brum – Halloween night out with the Uni Physios

How are we nearly a third of the way through November? I honestly don’t think I have a free weekend now until January, which is worrying – especially when you consider how quickly Christmas is going to come around. I’ve not even started my shopping yet, anyone else with me?

A few weekends ago now, I met up with the girls I lived with during our final year of university. In case you missed the post, we went for bottomless brunch at Big Easy, Canary Wharf. It was the first time I’d been and it certainly won’t be the last – it was so good! Despite not getting together for ages, we are already arranging our next meet and I’m already looking forward to it.

That was the Saturday and on the Sunday, I got my domestic goddess on and cooked the chicken pie from the first Lean in 15 book, for my mum, brother and Ash. I’ve previously made pie before and I personally thought it was a disaster, so I was so nervous about trying this recipe, especially as I hadn’t done it before. I don’t even like pie, but it was surprisingly tasty – and light. I think this attempt was slightly more successful, even though I had no idea how to chop leeks.

In exciting news (because I love having things planned in advance to look forward to), I’m going to see Stone Roses in June! I was devo’d I forgot they were on sale this time, having missed out on the previous occasion – and Ash is the worst with surprises. I can’t wait to tell dad because I know he’d be excited for me – apparently when I was younger, I used to sing Sally Cinnamon.

A fortnight ago, I spent Halloween weekend in Birmingham. Ash and I were going to one of his friend’s house party, before going out in the city. Because he had work during the day, I organised lunch with my bestie, Gemma. I’ll be posting about that soon – but we went to Loft Lounge for a carb-fest and cocktails. Unfortunately, when we are together, it’s never a sober affair and we both got far too drunk for the time of afternoon it was. The evening was fancy dress and because I’m Basic AF, I went as a cat. We went to Walkabout which was decent, although I don’t remember too much. The journey home the following day wasn’t fun, but thankfully my mum cooked us a roast when we got in.

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx

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