Bottomless Brunch & Barbecue at Big Easy

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I’d heard nothing but good things about Big Easy and recently I met up with my Uni housies – after a few years, long overdue – for bottomless brunch at the Canary Wharf restaurant. Janine booked the table for the four of us at 1pm and we were allocated a two hour slot. I actually met Kim as I got off the Jubilee Line tube at Canary Wharf station and we made our way (with great difficulty... cheers Google Maps!) to the restaurant. In fact, it’s easier to get off at the DLR stop, or even West India Quay. But once you’re there, you can’t miss the large illuminated sign.

The restaurant is massive once you’ve made your way from the reception area. The bar is extensive and there’s plenty of space outside for standing or seating, with some really cute cage cabana style chairs and patio heaters for the colder months. Brunch is clearly a popular option on a Saturday; not only is booking in advance required, but there were very few free tables when we arrived.
Dining, Review, Big Easy, Canary Wharf, London, Fdbloggers
There are two options, the a la carte menu and the bottomless brunch. If you go for the former, there’s plenty of choice ranging from fried chicken & waffles to barbecue frittata and even lobster mac ‘n’ cheese. On the bottomless option, there are only two choices for your meal, but you do have free-flowing prosecco (or frozen mojito, house wine or Big Easy brew) for the whole two hours. As soon as Kim explained we were all going for this option, the prosecco was brought to the table, opened and poured – and there it stayed for the duration of our stay. A lot of places simply top up your glasses when they’re running low; not only do the staff at Big Easy do this, but they replenish the bottles as well! Kim and I had a glass each before Natalie arrived and it wasn’t much longer that Janine joined us.
Dining, Review, Big Easy, Canary Wharf, London, Fdbloggers
When it came to ordering food, three of us opted for the Big Pig Gig, an unlimited option consisting of pulled pork, barbecue chicken and ribs with a selection of sides: barbecue beans, fries, coleslaw and cornbread. The other option is lobster and Kim upgraded, ordering a 1 ¾ lb one (for us all to sample), which came with fries and salad. If you’re choosing lobster, this isn’t unlimited but the barbecue more than made up for that! For £29.50, you simply cannot go wrong. And you won’t need feeding for the rest of the day!

The food was really good, like proper comfort food. Of course, being barbecue, it was messy to eat – but there’s no way of eating ribs ‘n’ chicken elegantly. Unless of course, you’re holding a glass of fizz in the other hand. I didn’t try the ribs as I hate eating them in public, but the chicken and pulled pork were really good – so much so, that we ordered an extra couple of servings of each. The chicken simply fell off the bone and had the most gorgeous smoky but sweet marinade.
Dining, Review, Big Easy, Canary Wharf, London, Fdbloggers
The waiting staff were excellent and so attentive, not only checking if we wanted to order any more food, but also replenishing our glasses. To say the prosecco went down easily would be a complete understatement. I lost count, but I think we saw off five bottles between us at the table. And that’s before we were given more in exchange for our table as our allocated time ran out!

Because the atmosphere is so relaxed and the music isn’t too loud, it was easy to hold a conversation – and also lovely to catch up with the girls. Not only were we reminiscing about Uni nights out and the time we defrosted the Christmas turkey in the bath and by the radiator (yes, really!), it was lush to hear what everyone was up to work-wise and relationship-wise. In all honestly, it felt like weeks not years since we last saw each other!

When our allotted table time was up, we moved outside and later, to the bar area – where we were given another two bottles of prosecco. I personally thought this was a lovely touch, as I’m sure we would have stayed for a drink afterwards anyway and it was also nice to know we weren’t being forced to leave. Although it wasn’t long before the bubbles went to my head!

Nothing could be faulted at all, from the service to the food and drink – and I think you’d agree for less than £30, the unlimited boozy brunch is an excellent option. I need to return to get my lobster fix – who’s up for it?

Love, Lucy xx

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