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Fajitas & cocktails to celebrate the bestie’s birthday – Pitchers with the birthday girl – With ‘The Most Luxurious Ship Ever Built’ – Visiting the re-furbed Seven Seas Navigator – Cute new Primarni PJs – Winner of Katie Kirk Loves one year giveaway – Work selfie: Stradivarius shirt – Gorgeous necklace from the giveaway – Blogging Bambubox, Madrid – Milburn @ Koko: Send in the Boys – Milburn @ Koko: What You Could Have Won – New brows on fleek

I’ve been a right busy bee recently, I literally have not stopped – not just with work, but socially as well. Even my evenings seem to go too fast and I don’t have time for myself. Anyone else feel like that? Well let’s go back three weeks to when I went to visit my childhood best friend in Telford. It was Gemma’s birthday and she recently moved into a new place so it was double the celebrations. We ate lots, drank lots and had a fabulous time. I ended up having a bit of a Primark haul (post soon, I promise) and she got her nails done.

Fast forward a few days and I was out of the country on a work trip. I don’t really talk about my job on my blog, as I like to keep the two separate. But I went to the port of Rome, in Civitavecchia, to look at two ultra-luxury cruise ships. On the Tuesday night I was at a hotel in Heathrow, ready for the early flight to Rome on the Wednesday morning and it wasn’t long before it was Thursday evening and I was coming home. For those that cruise (or are interested), they were both Regent ships: Explorer and Navigator.

I was back into work on Friday and then it was another busy weekend. On the Saturday, I went to The Hive to watch Barnet play Colchester United. After the game, I met Ash in North West London as he was on a course over the weekend. We had a hotel room booked and I booked a table at Smith & Wollensky (no blog post, I didn’t get any pictures!), which was amazing – expensive, but worth it for a nice occasion. I bought the sexy lil Primarni PJ shorts especially and they are definitely my new favourite things to wear in bed – although it’s getting so cold!

And then last Friday (as in a week ago, not two days), I went to see Milburn play at Koko, Camden. I had seen them before in 2007 and I was devo’d I never got tickets to their farewell show in Sheffield so I spent ages getting tickets for this gig. They played every song I wanted to hear (bar one), as well as a couple of new songs. I definitely preferred this gig to the previous one. I also got to finally meet Brad, who was one of the first football fans I followed on Twitter back in the day. It wasn’t a late night, but I accidently broke my ‘one drink’ rule.

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx

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