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So in my last post I mentioned that I had been really busy. This post is quite the opposite – I’m cramming three weeks worth of excitement in. To be honest, my week is taken up with work and when I get in, I rarely do anything than eat, bathe, blog and bed. I did go out for food last Friday (payday) after work, but that’s it. The weekends are busier and usually involve lots of driving (not always me!).

So let’s rewind to three weeks ago. On the Saturday, my brother and I went to visit our grandparents. They live about 20 minutes away, towards Southend. Robert drove and we treated them to lunch at The Royal Oak, Great Stambridge. It was so nice to catch up with them and it’s something I’m going to make a conscious effort to do more of. Anyone else feel the same way?

Ash came down on the Sunday and we had a chilled one. I took him to the Country Park at Thorndon; somewhere I hadn’t been to for years. It was lovely just walking around in the autumn air and I’m definitely feeling a picnic there at some point. On the way back, I went to see dad, as I had a week’s worth of diary entries to read to him.

Then a fortnight ago, Ash was back in Essex. On the Saturday we went to Nando’s and bowling (and I am so pleased to say that I won BOTH games... even though I had the barriers up). On the Sunday we were both in London, so met up with the lovely Mariah and her boyfriend Joe for brunch. I hadn’t seen them for months so it was great to have a long overdue catch-up, some lush food and in my case, some fizz. We went to Tom’s Kitchen at Canary Wharf, which I couldn’t recommend more. How lush does the French toast look?

Last weekend, I dyed my hair at last. I was getting a bit bored of the ombré and often go darker for autumn/winter anyway. It’s only a semi-permanent home kit, but I may treat myself nearer to Christmas, bite the bullet and go properly brunette. I love this colour and was pleased with the coverage – I was expecting the ends to be lighter where they were previously tinted. But the colour has a lovely mix of reds and browns and the ends are as dark as the roots! What do you think?

And I have to mention that quote, because I know my blog has suffered a bit this year. When you’re not in a good place, it’s impossible to have the motivation to write, or even talk at all. 2016 has been an absolute killer, but I feel like I can dedicate more time and effort to my little space – and hopefully you all have noticed that I’m a lot happier now! And I will be buying a proper layout by the end of the year.

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx

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