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Another monthly favourites – Monday night chills, ft. Ho filter – Barnet v Blackpool with mumma – When Big John scores a last minute equaliser and you celebrate like crazy – Lean in 15: Chilli prawn tagliatelle – View from the top of the Palacio de Cibeles, Madrid – View from the window of our hotel room in La Rioja – Being right at home at the Wine Museum, Briores – Another view: from the top of the fort in Laguardia – Pre-fiesta mojitos – Wine tour & tasting at the hotel – Fiestas night one, ft. Litre mojitos

The quickest round up begins with a Tuesday night in Northwest London – I took my mum to her first Barnet game at The Hive. When Blackpool got relegated, my dad said it was the one game he’d want to go to. Obviously he couldn’t be there, so it was only right me and mum went. The game finished 1-1 – and I’ve honestly never celebrated an equaliser so much. I’m not sure if my mum had a good time, but it was an evening out at least!

Yep, another dinner pic – and I’ve got my mum and brother eating meals from the Lean in 15 books! The most recent recipe I tried was the chilli prawn tagliatelle, which was absolutely lush. I don’t really eat white pasta, but I didn’t find this heavy at all. I would definitely make it again – maybe using linguine or vermicelli. It went down a treat with mum too.

And then to the exciting part – I’ve just come back from holiday! I had a week at my auntie and uncle’s, in Madrid and it was so lush! We also drove to La Rioja and spent two nights at this amazing hotel, which was also a bodega. I am going to be writing a few posts, explaining what we got up to, as well as a few restaurant reviews, but it’s safe to say, I ate and drank like a queen. When we returned from La Rioja, the fiestas started. Although we missed the fireworks and bull runs, I drank plenty of mojito, danced in the street and had a great time! We went into Madrid city centre twice – visiting the Prado Museum and the Plaza de Cibeles. We also had a lovely Thai meal out. While it’s back to reality now, at least we had a Bank Holiday weekend to enjoy – and I did!

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx

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