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Hey beauts, I’m back! This little life update will explain my absence from blogging and social media, but I feel like I can commit to two/three posts a week and I really want to get involved in more Twitter chats, too. When you feel alone, the blogging community is great, but I feel like I’ve distanced myself from it – but not only that, from my friends as well. I’m in a much better place now, I think.

Those that follow me on Twitter or Instagram will know that my dad died at the end of May. I mention it because he was my blog’s biggest fan – he thought up the name for my Barnet blog (Look Black n Amber) and loved this one (especially the restaurant reviews and posts about our theatre trips). It’s no secret that I was a daddy’s girl and understandably everything in my life, apart from my family, had to take a back seat.

This then meant we had our first Father’s Day without him. It was a day he never believed in, he wasn’t bothered about cards and presents, it was always about us being together and getting on. Thankfully, my auntie and uncle were still staying with us that weekend and we all went for lunch together – to one of dad’s favourite pubs: The Viper in Mill Green. Prior to lunch, I went to the Burial Ground to chat to him and it was good to see the flowers still all in tact.

And then more recently, I went on holiday with my childhood best friend, Gemma. We have three nights in Arenal, Mallorca and it was exactly what I needed. I went to her house in Telford the day before and we went for dinner. The day of our holiday, we had a lovely breakfast at a place called Carriages (post coming soon). While we had such a good time together, we were definitely in need of another day or two! The days were spent poolside, sunbathing and reading; while the nights were spent at cocktail bars and on the beach. Obviously on the Monday, England were playing Iceland, so went to a couple of English bars. The highlight was definitely the buckets – from 15, we got a bucket with ice, a bottle of Malibu and couple of cartons of pineapple juice – and we took them down to the beach and just chilled! I definitely feel back to reality now and no longer bummed out.

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx

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