Restaurant review | Rum & Sugar, Canary Wharf

Rum & Sugar was one of the restaurants on my ‘to visit’ list, because let’s be honest, ain’t no better combo than steak and cocktails! The restaurant is in such a fab location, on West India Quay, so close to Canary Wharf. The warehouse is on a strip surrounded by other bars and eateries, although I was surprised to see a lot of them closed on a Saturday night. With an outside terrace area, you can easily enjoy a drink overlooking the river, before entering the restaurant.

Rum & Sugar specialises in rum and rum-based cocktails – and there are over 150 types of rum behind the bar. I began with one of my favourite cocktails: a mojito, opting for a coconut flavoured one. It was beautifully refreshing, light and creamy. And with so many options available, it would have been rude not to try as many as possible.

After our aperitifs, we went inside and to our table. The restaurant wasn’t that busy, considering it was a Saturday night, with most people drinking outside in the sunshine. That said, there was a rum master class going on – either for a birthday or stag do. Rum & Sugar also host cocktail master classes, something I’m more inclined to get involved with. It did look like a lot of fun though, with the group sampling a variety of rums – with the atmosphere getting slightly more raucous as time went on and more alcohol was consumed.

We went straight into main courses and I had the ribeye steak (rare) with a side of Cajun spiced fries. The steak was cooked well and to my liking – it was also perfectly seasoned so need for me to add salt and pepper. The Cajun fries were a lot chunkier than I was expecting, resembling wedges but they were also very good. I was worried the spices would be too hot for my tastes, but the seasoning wasn’t overpowering at all – and the mayonnaise also cooled any heat down. The meal was also served with a sprig of watercress and some purple coleslaw. The portion sizes were excellent and the menu offers great value for money – even when you add on the cost of side dishes.
With dinner, I had a strawberry daiquiri, which was enjoyable – although it was chilled rather than frozen. Instead of a dessert, I decided to sample a final cocktail and went for my after-dinner drink of choice: an espresso martini. This was possibly the best I’d had; the ratio of espresso and rum was spot-on. I definitely need to return to try and few more of the other cocktails on offer.

The service was good, up until a large party of 10 came in, when it started to slow down. It was in no means bad, but at the same time, I didn’t feel the staff did anything to make us feel welcome or special. For a simple grill dinner in a relaxed setting, I’d definitely recommend Rum & Sugar – but it’s certainly not somewhere for an occasion or a ‘fancy’ meal.

Love, Lucy xx

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