Lean in 15 | Cheesy Chicken & Chorizo Salad

Lean in 15, Salad, Healthy, Fitness, Lunch, Working Lunch
This is one of my favourite recipes of the moment. Since buying the Lean in 15 book, it’s become my bible and I’ve noticeably become healthier and fitter. I would much rather eat little and often, but by upping my portion sizes, I’ve filled up on ‘good’ fats and proteins – as the programme suggests. This salad is perfect for lunch: it’s colourful, flavoursome and packed full of nutrients. Who said salad and healthy eating had to be boring?

Serves 3

·         280g chicken, sliced
·         150g chorizo, cubed
·         1 small red onion, diced
·         205g reduced fat mozzarella, sliced
·         12 cherry tomatoes, halved
·         120g washed spinach
·         30g toasted pine nuts

·         Pan fry the chorizo for a minute, on a medium heat. Add the onion and continue to fry for a minute
·         Add the chicken, turn up to a high heat and fry for a further three minutes
·         Add the tomatoes and fry for an additional minute, before throwing in the spinach to wilt
·         Make small wells within the mixture and add the mozzarella. Take off the heat and leave to melt
·         To serve, top with pine nuts
Lean in 15, Salad, Healthy, Fitness, Lunch, Working Lunch
This can be eaten warm or cold; I usually eat it cold and prep all three servings in one go – it keeps well in the fridge. I recommend adding the pine nuts before serving, so they don’t go soft/soggy. But I just love the combination of chicken and chorizo – and by adding the mozzarella and pine nuts, not only does it add some extra textures, but it makes the dish super filling.

Will you be trying this recipe?

Love, Lucy xx

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