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In my last post, I mentioned my lunch with mum and trip to York – they continued to dominate my Instagram! Check my archive for my outfit post and pub review. So what else have I been up to lately?

Well, my brother suggested going running, so we head over to the reservoir and fields and went for a little jog. I’ve got the Nike app now, so hopefully I’ll be able to track my routes and mileage in future. I’ve also treated myself to a decent pair of running shoes, so definitely taking it more seriously!

Talking of serious, I also got my hands on Joe Wicks’ Lean in 15 book and I love it. The recipes are so quick and easy – and it really isn’t expensive either, as a lot of the ingredients are just kitchen staples. I’ve made a handful of recipes and also followed the workout plans. Who knew HIIT would become my friend? Would you like to see some recipes or food diaries on the blog?

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a couple of chilled weekends, or at least, Sundays recently. Blogging in bed, in my jamas, with a cuppa and watching a boxset is my ideal of bliss. I totally binge-watched my Hills boxset for the first time in forever, before moving on to Laguna Beach. I’m gonna watch Pretty Little Liars next... I’m yet to watch an ep, don’t judge!

And to the first half of the Easter weekend. On the Friday, I treated mum to afternoon tea at home, as we didn’t do anything together for Mother’s Day. I bought the ‘tea and scone’ gift box from Betty’s of Yorkshire (we use them for booking incentives at work and their gifts/treats are amazing!), as well as a stem ginger loaf cake. I made up some little open sandwiches and bought extra cakes. We even had prosecco! It was so lovely and I’ll be blogging it soon.

What have you been up to lately?

Love, Lucy xx
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*I may have bought a sleeveless turtle neck from H&M, got dressed and thought it looked good, arrived at work and took a car selfie, before I realised it was see-through. Ooops!

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