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I first head of Timeless Truth when I received one of their masks (and a lot of PR information) in the Suffolk Blogger Meet goodie bag. I put off trying the mask, but I had so many sachets to use up. And it’s a good job I saved it – as I got another variety in my Blogger Pamper Hamper box (thanks Amanda!), so what better reason to share this post with you? As you all know, I love a facemask and try and treat myself to one a week, alongside my daily skincare routine. I have since used both masks, so here are my thoughts.

Timeless Truth have two main varieties of mask: Fusion and Luxury. Both are designed to fit your face and because they are fabric, as opposed to gel, clay or cream, they are virtually mess-free. I say virtually, because they do contain product and some may need to be squeezed out prior to application.
Timeless Truth, Face Mask, Skincare, Luxury,
Fusion mask: deep sea extract moisturising mask*
The blue colour in this mask is deep sea water extract that produces an excellent moisturising effect, leaving the skin illuminated and glowing

The Fusion mask contained serum and powder within the cloth, which is why it has the coloured check formation. This didn’t require any hassle as there was no need to remove excess serum. However it was difficult to unfold this product and because the material was quite thin, it did tear slightly when trying to apply to the face. I didn’t find this particular mask to fit very well, it was a little on the big side and it wouldn’t stay in place, even when it started to harden. Despite this, the results were good and exactly what I was expecting. My skin looked brighter and more hydrated. It was a good cleansing and moisturising mask, but I have used better. I would rate this 5/10.
Timeless Truth, Face Mask, Skincare, Luxury,
Luxury mask: miracle rejuvenation*
A brightening mask that rejuvenates and refines the look of skin, helping to even out the skin tone and help diminish the appearance of spots and wrinkles

The Luxury masks are made with fibres so are a lot thicker than the Fusion range – but then that was expected, with the ‘luxury’ title. I used the elasticated cloth one, which completely covers the face and secured underneath the chin and over the ears, courtesy of hooks. Thankfully this one didn’t slip and felt secure, if a little weird – but it does mean you can be active while wearing it. This variety contained a lot of serum so needed to be squeezed before applying. I obviously don’t suffer from age spots or wrinkles but I did find this the perfect mask to use on winter skin – it almost had a repairing quality, leaving me with soft, smooth and brightened skin. This one fared a lot better, so gets a solid 7/10.

I’m not sure if I’d be inclined to buy either mask again; they’re definitely high-end, with the Fusion priced at £4.90 per pack (£23.50 for five) and the Luxury at £6.50 (or £31 for five). Although the majority of my skincare is mid-to-high-end, I think I’d rather try other masks on the market, and failing that, stick with brands I am familiar with.

Have you tried any Timeless Truth masks? Leave your thoughts and links below.

Love, Lucy xx

*These products were included in a goodie bag, but while I didnt pay for them, opinions are my own

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