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Trifle, Black Forest, Sweet Treats, Recipe, Fdbloggers, Dessert, Dinner party, Show stopper
Trifle, Black Forest, Sweet Treats, Recipe, Fdbloggers, Dessert, Dinner party, Show stopper
If you saw my last Degustabox post, you’ll know I received a packet of Hartley’s black cherry jelly. Trifle isn’t just for Christmas, although we did make this to have after the Boxing Day buffet. If you know you’ll be hosting a dinner party, it can be made in advance. Alternatively, it makes a really tasty dessert after a Sunday roast. This is my mumma’s recipe and would serve 6-8, dependent on how big the portions are.

For the trifle
·         1 packet of Hartley’s black cherry jelly
·         Tin of black cherries
·         25ml / 50ml kirsch (optional)
·         Packet of Madeira cake / swiss roll / trifle sponges

For the chocolate sauce
·         1 pint milk
·         25g cornflour
·         25g cocoa
·         25g sugar

For the topping
·         350ml whipping cream
·         Handful of cherries
·         Chocolate curls

·         Make up the jelly, as per the packet’s instructions, also using the juice from the cherries
·         Cut the cake and arrange in a trifle bowl. If using kirsch, add to soak into the sponge
·         Add the cherries and spread evenly (also saving some for the topping, should you wish)
·         Pour over the jelly and leave to set overnight in the fridge
·         The following day, make the chocolate sauce by bringing the milk to the boil. Mix the dry ingredients in a jug with a little milk. Add the boiling milk and keep stirring until thick. Return to the pan and re-heat, if necessary
·         Once the sauce had cooled, pour over the set jelly mix and return to the fridge
·         Whip the cream and spread over the chocolate layer
·         Decorate with cherries and chocolate curls (or however you like)

Of course you could use chocolate sponges with normal custard, or even make a chocolate cream – it’s totally up to you. This was a big hit with everyone when we took it round my nan’s and there was even some left to leave with them. It looked spectacular too, each layer visible and the cream on the top, so smooth. But most importantly, it tasted good. Not too sweet, as is usually the case and not stodgy either. I could definitely have eaten at least a quarter!

Let me know if you try this or any of my other recipes.

Love, Lucy xx

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