December favourites

Favourites, BBloggers, Lush, Teeez, Sanctuary Spa, Nails Inc, Vero Moda, Fashion, Skincare
Favourites, BBloggers, Lush, Teeez, Sanctuary Spa, Nails Inc, Vero Moda, Fashion, Skincare
I can’t believe this is a favourites post from 2015 and now we’re in the New Year. I really wanted to do a 2015 favourites, but I realised it would be far too long and would take forever to organise and photograph. Instead you can see what I loved in the last month alone.

Rose Jam (£4.95 for 100g) is a product I bought for the first time this year after reading and hearing good things from Lushies and Bloggers. I often have two or three different shower gels on the go, yano to mix things up, but I’ve used this one solidly for the last six weeks – it’s that good! I wish I had stocked up now, because it’s gone for another year (although you can still get the bubbleroons). I don’t like Turkish delight, but I love the scent of this. Yes, it smells like rose, but it’s sweet and sticky like jam, with hints of vanilla, citrus and goji berry. The scent stays on your skin for hours afterwards and the best thing is, it can be used all year round – even if it does suit spring/summer.

Staying with skincare, I’ll be glad when the winter months are over and Mr Sun shows his face – my skin has been awful recently! It’s so dry and itchy and that’s even before I’ve sat in a hot bath. Luckily I have the Sanctuary Spa white lily & damask rose body lotion (£5.50 for 250ml). It’s one of my all-time favourite Sanctuary Spa products and I find it perfect for soothing my skin at this time of year, without irritating. The formula is light and milky, yet it’s deeply moisturising and fragrance helps me to relax. As much as I love my cocoa butter, I particularly love using this lotion from November to February.

The Chill Ed Repair Reconstructor Treatment* (£10.99 for 150ml) is absolutely amazing and I’ve got a post coming up about their range of haircare products. I’ve been using this hair mask once a week and it’s been working absolute wonders. My hair is forever damaged and since my hairdresser went on mat leave, I’ve really neglected my locks. Note only is the packaging eye-catching and scent lovely, it’s made my hair healthier, shinier and the split ends, less noticeable. I’d definitely buy this.

My nails have finally grown and I’ve been loving this Nails Inc  polish in Kensington High Street (£15 for 14ml). It’s a beautiful berry colour and is so lovely and glossy, because it’s one of their ‘gel effect’ polishes. I’m a lover of wide brushes and this polish glides on with ease. I only used two coats and it was quite thick, but it lasted well. I’m sure I’ll continue with this colour throughout January too.

I’m sure the Teeez Mysterious Crystal Eyeliner (currently £12) has featured before but I cannot get enough of it. For some reason, I’ve been wearing eyeliner loads recently; while I prefer to use a liquid liner on my top eyelid, I swear by this stuff. It’s long-lasting, it’s easy to blend and it’s just amazing! The rubber is great for creating a dramatic smoky eye – and it’s waterproof!

Finally my Vero Moda woollen hat (£4) has been a real lifesaver, especially as it’s recently been so cold! I took it to Vienna with me and have worn it back in England a few times. It’s so comfy, I think I would just wear it round the house while chilling if I could without getting funny looks. I bought it from Ivy-Joan, who stock fashion, as well as homeware – and I thoroughly recommend having a browse online. I went through a stage of ‘not suiting hats’, but I love this one and the flecks of silver add that glittery touch!

What were your December favourites?

Love, Lucy xx

*This product was included in a goodie bag, but while I didn’t pay for it, opinions are my own

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