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George, Prime Steak, Prague, Fine Dining, Food Bloggers,
George, Prime Steak, Prague, Fine Dining, Food Bloggers,
You may have read about Buddha-Bar in my previous post, but on our second – and final – night in Prague, we had a table booked at George Prime Steak. I’m not even gonna lie, steak and wine is the way to my heart, so this was ideal. However, I didn’t actually research before we went and so, felt totally underdressed in a jumper dress – thankfully there were people at the restaurant dressed worse than me. Think an upmarket Hawksmoor, with the prices to match – it’s definitely fine dining, so any excuse to glam up!

George wouldn’t be out of place in London: the decor was chic, the ambience sophisticated and the service absolutely spot on. As our coats were taken, I clocked the well-stocked bar and already started imagining the cocktails on the menu. The main dining area was extraordinary: a large table set for 14 dominating, while mood lighting and beautiful monochrome colour scheme created a precise aesthetic.

As I studied the a la carte and wine menus, I sipped a refreshing berry margarita. Fruity, perfectly mixed and cold, this really was a great start to the evening. Our waiter soon came round with the evening’s steaks on a trolley, explaining the different cuts. George only use prime black angus beef, which has been wet aged for at least 30 days. I always appreciate it when the staff have time to explain what is it you’ll be eating and felt he was knowledgeable, without being pushy.

To start, I chose the trio of caviar with smoked salmon – unfortunately no pictures, as I dived straight in. It tasted even better than it looked: the centre piece was smoked salmon intricately folded into a rose, accompanied by three varieties of caviar on blinis with crème fraîche and an asparagus salad. All the flavours went well together and it was a lovely, light dish. I never would have thought I’d like caviar, as it’s an acquired taste, but it’s something I always order in a restaurant when given the chance. Jake’s starter was a bone marrow dish – look at us being all fancy!

To follow, we shared the porterhouse steak, 950g in weight. The cuts of meat included New York strip and fillet mignon and the steak was carved at our table on a hot stone. I think we had it cooked rare, due to size, but it was cooked perfectly – the fillet mignon was so tender and melted in the mouth. We both chose the brandy peppercorn sauce, which was amazing. Unlike other sauces, this wasn’t creamy and was more like gravy – but it was definitely the best peppercorn sauce I’ve ever had. We also shared a portion of fries and some spinach au gratin (my new favourite accompaniment). The fries tasted like they’d been cooked in beef dripping, so crisp on the outside but fluffy in the middle – exactly how chips should be!

I was in charge of choosing the wine, and there were plenty to choose from. I opted for one of the cheaper bottles, I say cheaper, it was about £40 – something I would never spend on a bottle of wine in England. It was a lovely full bodied Spanish rioja and our sommelier talked us through the wine (‘cos let’s be honest, I didn’t have a clue!) before doing the whole tasting thing. It made me feel so posh, although I was embarrassed when he asked if it was similar to the wine I drunk at home.

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience in Prague and are unable to get into any of the Michelin-starred restaurants (like us), I’d thoroughly recommend George. Although you may need to book a week or so in advance, it’d be worth it. I know I’ll return when I’m next in the city – after all, I have a load more steak and wine to get through!

Love, Lucy xx

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