October’s book | The Princess Diaries: Mia Goes Fourth

*Warning: may contain spoilers*

Book four picks up from where the third instalment ended: Mia and Michael are officially dating after kissing at the school winter dance, but Mia soon has to leave her beau as she heads to Genovia for Christmas. This wouldn’t be a problem if her Grandmere could accept her relationship status, instead she’s keen to hook her granddaughter up with pretty much any other man, the more respectable, the better. Mia is infatuated though and it appears the honeymoon period is extended.

Grandmere tells Mia that girls should play hard to get and with this in mind, Mia and Tina have a pact: they’ll read Jane Eyre and act similarly to the Heroine in the novel. Unfortunately for Tina, Dave isn’t her Mr Rochester and it all ends in tears. On the other hand, Mia is shocked when Michael finally asks her out on a date – but of course, things for the princess don’t run smoothly. Grandmere has scheduled a formal event that same evening and it’s one that must be attended – even more so when it turn out Lana will be there (their grandmothers know each other!). But will she make it to the date?

Her love life isn’t the only drama Mia has to contend with – she’s still flunking school and attending Gifted and Talented (the most pointless class!), even though she believes she’s neither gifted, nor talented. After all, Lilly has her own TV show, Michael is an amazing musician and even Ling Su is a great artist. If Mia wants to achieve self-actualisation, she has to realise she has a talent – it takes her a while to figure out, that talent is writing.

Book four heavily focuses on Mia’s relationship with Michael and for that reason, I didn’t enjoy it as much. Mia is portrayed as needy and whiny and it just wasn’t believable enough – I don’t believe that American girls would make so much fuss for a guy and it definitely wasn’t the way my friends and I were, when we were growing up. Yes, at 15, you might get your first actual boyfriend, but you’re not going to be fretting about it.

I enjoyed book three, so hope that this one was just a blip before book five – things have to go right for our princess in the end, don’t they?

Love, Lucy xx

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