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Degustabox, Subscription, Food, Drink
If you’ve not heard of Degustabox, then where have you been? It’s a food & drink monthly subscription box – bringing you 9-14 surprise products, many which are new to the market. When you sign up, you get to fill in your very own profile, meaning a couple of the products may differ. It’s actually the highlight of my week when this little beauty arrives on my doorstep and last month’s offering was actually one of the best so far! So, what was in September’s box?

·         Two packets of Reese’s giant peanut butter cups
·         A packet of Mallow & Marsh raspberry marshmallows
·         A packet of Maynard Wine Gums Red & Black
·         A packet of Bassett’s Jelly Babies Berry Mix
·         Two bottles of The Good Cider
·         Two cartons of Up & Go
·         A packet of Compete Energy Bites
·         A bottle of Sweet Sally Tea
·         A packet of Miracle Noodles
·         Two packets of Portlebay Popcorn
Degustabox, Subscription, Food, Drink
Up & Go is an Australian breakfast drinks brand and their range of products claim to have the same fibre, protein and calcium as a bowl of cereal with milk. The cartons are great for having on the go and I loved both chocolate and vanilla flavours. They do have that wheat/oaty taste, but are also so creamy – they taste a bit like custard! I would definitely buy these again. My mum often buys cider and while I usually go for random fruit flavours, rather than apple or pear, I actually enjoyed The Good Cider. The flavours weren’t too sweet or bitter. The apple & pear one was my favourite of the two. On the other end of the scale, I didn’t like the Sweet Sally Tea – largely because I wasn’t sure whether it was meant to be drunk hot or cold. It was citrusy and spicy, but didn’t taste of tea itself. It smelt a lot nicer than it tasted, but it wasn’t my cup of *ahem* tea.
Degustabox, Subscription, Food, Drink
I’m yet to try the Compete Energy bites but as someone who doesn’t drink energy drinks, loads of coffee, or other energy products, I don’t think I’ll enjoy them. Each packet contains six chocolates, which are infused with caffeine to provide an instant boost and you’re not supposed to have more than two in a sitting. I may try one but I am a little sceptical.
Degustabox, Subscription, Food, Drink
I absolutely love snacking on popcorn, so I was excited to try the Portlebay corn – especially as I hadn’t seen it in shops, but heard so many good things. Sweet & salty is my all-time favourite flavour and this tasted a lot better than other brands I’ve tried. The cappuccino was amazing too, although I could have done with a stronger flavour. If you don’t like coffee, you’d probably enjoy it because it’s quite sweet.
Degustabox, Subscription, Food, Drink
How many treats did Degustabox want to send us this month?! For someone like me, with a massive sweet tooth, it was an absolute winner! Who doesn’t love Reese’s? We were lucky enough to have two packets of the giant peanut butter cups. I gave one to my brother, because the temptation to eat all six was too great. The Bassett’s Jelly Babies Berry Mix featured in the March Box but I love them – after all, they contain the pink and red ones. The Wine Gums Red & Black were also lovely, but while the red ones are my favourite, I don’t like blackcurrant sweets, so my family were lucky enough to have half the bag! I think they need to create Red & Green version, which would be so much better. And finally, the Mallow & Marsh raspberry marshmallow cubes were incredible. Low fat and 100% natural, these were very similar to the Bonny Mallow products I’ve recently sampled. I shared the cubes with my mum, who also liked them.
Degustabox, Subscription, Food, Drink
The Miracle Noodles are another product I’ve heard loads about, but haven’t actually seen in the shops yet. I make the most amazing prawn noodle broth, which is low calorie, so will be using these in the week. The product card also has a Vietnamese pho recipe, which may be worth a try. Hopefully I’ll report back with a recipe post!

What were your thoughts on the September box?

Love, Lucy xx

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