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After the disappointment of my July Box not arriving at all (any other bloggers have this problem?), it seems an age since I posted a Degustabox review and it’s fair to say I was mighty excited for the arrival of this month’s box. And boy was it worth waiting for!

This month’s box contained:
·         Three sachets of Dr Oetker mug cake mix
·         A bottle of Life Tonics coconut water
·         Two packets of Ryvita
·         A packet of Bahlsen Pick Up Biscuits
·         A packet of Bahlsen Choco Leibniz biscuits
·         A packet of Barilla penne pasta
·         A jar of Barilla arrabbiata pasta sauce
·         Four (!) packets of Walker’s shortbread
·         Two Primal Pantry paleo bars
·         A can of Scheckters energy drink
·         I also got a packet of Fru Snax (which I believe were in the July Box?)
Degustabox, Subscription, Food, Drink, PBloggers, Monthly, Family
Let’s start with the drinks – the Scheckters energy drink is one that’s appeared in Degustaboxes before (International box review) and for someone that does not buy, or drink energy drinks, this one is really quite pleasant. It tastes like a fizzy pomegranate juice and is 100% natural. It’s also taurine-free. On the other hand,I love coconut water so was expecting to like Life Tonics – I received the elderberry & juniper flavour. I really wasn’t a fan; it tasted too sweet and artificial to me. Maybe I’d like one of the other flavours?
Degustabox, Subscription, Food, Drink, PBloggers, Monthly, Family
The contents card highlighted the two Barilla products as the monthly favourites. I don’t eat white pasta so can’t comment on the taste of the penne, but I’m sure it has gone down well with the rest of my family. The jar of arrabbiata sauce came in handy when we couldn’t be bothered to cook and my mum used it in place of bolognaise for a spaghetti dish, as a quick midweek meal. I found the sauce a lot better than many other shop-bought ones; it wasn’t too wet and stuck to the meat/pasta really well. It’s a good product to have in the cupboard, when you haven’t the time or energy to make your own.
Degustabox, Subscription, Food, Drink, PBloggers, Monthly, Family
Ryvitas are a real marmite product and I love them – they make the easiest working lunch as they’re so versatile. I definitely preferred the sesame ones to the black pepper and for someone that puts pepper on everything, I found these too hot! I enjoyed them with the following toppings: philli & cucumber, mozzarella & tomato, mashed avocado & chopped tomato with Serrano ham – and with hummus & crudités!
Degustabox, Subscription, Food, Drink, PBloggers, Monthly, Family
I was so pleased to finally try the Fru Snacks (in peaches and cream) because they sounded amazing in blogger reviews! The texture was similar to honeycomb or meringue and the pieces of peach and yogurt fizzed on the tongue. At 47 calories a bag, they’re sin-free snacks and helped me beat the afternoon slump at work. I’d buy these again. By a similar token, the paleo bars by Primal Pantry were good too – as a fan of 9 Bar and Nakd, I knew I’d enjoy them. I preferred the cocoa & hazelnut, to the apple & pecan. The texture is fudgy and as they contain naturally occurring sugars, they really cater to my sweet tooth, without all that other crap.
Degustabox, Subscription, Food, Drink, PBloggers, Monthly, Family
I don’t know about you, but Walker’s shortbread remind me of weekends away in nice hotels, or visiting Scotland! They’re such a traditional and popular brand, and we were treated to four varieties of their shortbread in this month’s box. You can’t beat shortbread fingers! Choco Leibniz has also featured before (Christmas box review) and you can’t beat a choccy biccie! I’d yet to try the white chocolate ones and while they’re not my favourites, they make a great afternoon treat. My mum often buys Pick Up bars in Sainsbury’s but the dark chocolate are new to the range (reverse are the best!). I love that the chocolate in the middle is so thick, but the biscuit is light and crisp, so doesn’t feel as indulgent.
Degustabox, Subscription, Food, Drink, PBloggers, Monthly, Family
And finally my month’s favourite product were the Dr Oetker mug cakes. All you need is a sachet, 60ml of milk (any kind), a mug and microwave. Within two minutes you have yourself a little sponge cake. The chocolate chip one was hit with both my brother and I (cannot believe I shared) – but the lemon one with some single cream... oh my! I really hope they extend the range to red velvet and carrot cake; a couple of my favourites!

What were your thoughts on the August box?

Love, Lucy xx

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