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If you saw last month’s post, you’ll know I decided to re-live my teens and re-read The Princess Diaries series (although I’m sure I’ve never read further than book two!). This month’s instalment is book two – Take Two.

*warning – may contain spoilers*

Following on from book one, Mia still hasn’t really come to terms with being a princess and the fame/added stress it brings. She’s still forced to take princess lessons from her grandmere, she still hasn’t ‘developed’ and she still hasn’t got a boyfriend, even though pretty much every other girl in school has. When grandmere organises a live televised interview, in true Mia fashion, it all goes pear-shaped. She’s supposed to be revealing her news about finding out becoming a princess but instead reveals her mum’s pregnancy (with her algebra teacher), grasses up one of her teachers and alienates the entire school by claiming there are cliques.

When Mia discovers she has a secret admirer it looks as though things are about to change. Hiding behind an instant messenger alias, ‘JoCrox’ could literally be anyone. The problem is, the cryptic messages reveal nothing about his identity – and Mia prays this is Michael, Lily’s older brother, who she’s had a crush on since forever! The secret admirer even invites her to the Halloween screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show – but it coincides with her mother’s wedding.

Having blurted out the secret during the television interview, grandmere is keen to plan the wedding for as soon as possible and wants to make it a glitzy all-celebrity affair – the complete opposite of the wishes of Mia’s mother. It’s little wonder she (and Mr Gianini) fail to attend the wedding and instead elope to Mexico to wed – Mia’s father even helped to plot their escape. Instead, Mia is allowed to leave, where she meets her friends and the identity of her mystery man – and book two ends with her finally having a boyfriend!

I have to admit, while the book was entertaining, I wasn’t hooked and easily put it down. The plot is less about Mia’s life and dramas and more about her mother and grandmere. It follows the same style as book one, whereby diary entries are amongst personal notes and even homework posts – I love this style as it’s so easy to read and lets you get inside the heads of the characters. The plot was unpredictable and it was good to see more characters introduced – I was just hoping for a different outcome at the end.

To be continued...

Love, Lucy xx

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