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When I think of Brazil, my first thought is the Rio Carnival with its vibrant colours and sounds, then it’s the lush landscapes and natural beauty that this amazing country has to offer. Add to that a laid-back population who have a love for good food and good times and you have yourself a place full of energy. Vibrant colours and patterns are evident in the footwear of Ipanema, Brazil’s number 1 flip flop brand.

I never knew it before, but Ipanema stock in both Linzi and Debenhams at Lakeside and when I was there doing my holiday shop, a couple of pairs caught my eye. I’ve managed to find one of those on their website – and believe me, I’ve spent hours on there! After a bit of research, I’ve also found out how ethical the company are. All of their products are made from 100% recyclable PVC and unlike other Brazilian manufacturers, they don’t use rubber from the Amazon rainforest... those poor capuchin monkeys that lose their habitats. I love how they also support the local economy and only produce footwear at their own factories in the north of Brazil.

Even though I have no other holidays booked now until November, these three pairs have made their way into my bookmarks and I may have to purchase at least one, in case I get anything booked up – or as a last resort, organise a beach day!
Ipanema Sandals Fashion Summer Wishlist
Pretty Bow in pink/white (£20)
What’s not to love about this pair? Pastel pink – check. Cute polka dots – check. Feminine florals – check. And to complete the set, a pretty bow! These are sooo me and also so girly. These would be the perfect footwear for a day at the beach, or even a picnic in a meadow. I love them.
Ipanema Sandals Fashion Summer Wishlist
Festival sandal in rose gold (£20)
I’m really not a festival goer, but if I was, this would be my sandal of choice. I’m currently in love with rose gold and love the chevron detailing on this pair. These are a lot prettier than your average flip flop and I’d even be inclined to wear these into town! Although if I was a festival-er , they’d be teamed with a cropped tee and denim shorts!
Ipanema Sandals Fashion Summer Wishlist
Vitraux sandal in grey/green (£30)
These were the pair to catch my eye; I love the vibrant colours and the jewels, which remind me of stained glass windows. I own plain maxi dresses in both orange and green, so these would go with both – and jazz up a plain outfit. When it comes to sandals, the T Bar style is classic and are my preferred style.

What’s on your Ipanema wishlist?

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