Philips Lumea Compact review

I bought the Philips Lumea Compact hair removal system a couple of months ago and after under a handful of uses, I just had to share this review – it’s totes amazing!
Philips Lumea Compact, Hair Removal, IPL Technology
Shaving, waxing, epilating, those horrific creams; you name it, I’ve tried it! In fact, growing up, I was quite the swimmer so was actually obsessed with hair removal. Not only are the results short term with the methods listed above, but they’re all so expensive when you consider how much you have to spend in the long run. I remember a friend at uni talking about laser hair removal and I knew I had to try it, especially with my PCOS condition. The only thing is, it’s so expensive in a salon and the cost was so off putting – I think 10 full body sessions is like £3,000! The Philips Lumea Compact was only £200 and will last for years!
How does it work?
The Philips Lumea uses IPL technology – the same as you’d expect from a salon, but adapted for safe use at home. The device applies gentle pulses of light, which flash on the area you’re lasering. These laser beams travel down to the root of the hair and stimulate it into a resting phase, which prevents growth.
Is it suitable for me?
The Philips Lumea has five different settings, which increase in strength. It’s suitable for a combination of skin tones and hair colour and the back of the box shows if it is, or isn’t suitable for you. I tend to use settings four and five, which are targeted at fair skin. These are the strongest pulses, but also have the longest time between flashes.
Philips Lumea Compact, Hair Removal, IPL Technology
Where can it be used and how long does it take?
The Philips Lumea can be used anywhere – face, arms, legs, body and bikini line. It isn’t recommended for use on men. I normally spend 1 minute on each armpit, 3 on each arm and bikini line and 10 on each leg. So it takes less than 40 minutes; not long at all!
The device has two settings: step & flash and glide & flash. I tend to use the latter as you keep the button held down, simply gliding across the skin as the flashes go. The step & flash method is more suited to those smaller and harder to reach areas – to use, simply hold on the desired area and press the flash button, before moving on.
Philips Lumea Compact, Hair Removal, IPL Technology
Initially the Philips Lumea should be used in fortnightly instalments, before using monthly once growth has stunted. I’ve used the product four times so far and have already noticed a difference. There are patches on my legs where the hair has totally disappeared and gone are the days I have to shave my legs every five days! I think I’ll only need a couple more treatments before starting the top-up phase.
I previously tried a Me My Elos machine and it was rubbish in comparison – and so expensive (like £300 for the machine and £40 for replacement cartridges, that didn’t last long). I thoroughly recommend the Philips Lumea Compact for anyone thinking about permanent hair removal, particularly those with PCOS, as many devices don’t work on people with the condition. I’ve had no problems or complaints so far!
You can buy the Philips Lumea Compact from Boots, where it’s currently half price!
Love, Lucy xx

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