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*Warning: may contain spoilers*

Also written underneath the title Where Rainbows End’, Love, Rosie tells the story of two friends, Rosie and Alex. Destined to be together, but can’t ever get it right, Rosie and Alex have been best friends since school and their relationship becomes closer – up until when Alex moves away from Ireland, to Boston, because of his dad’s job. Despite applying to colleges in America, Rosie ends up having a one night stand with her prom date – and nine months later, has a little girl. Trying to get by as a single mum, Rosie never gives up her dream of becoming a hotel manager and even though he’s the other side of the world, she has regular contact with Alex – but that all soon changes.

As time moves on, so do people and while Rosie is stuck in a dead-end job, with a daughter and barely a home, Alex finishes college and medical school and becomes a doctor. The two live very different lives and distance is a major factor in their relationship breaking down. They both move on and marry – but neither are happy, least of all, for each other. There are so many twists and turns in the novel, particularly for poor Rosie but ultimately, fate steps in and there is a happy ending.

I loved that the book was written in the form of letters, emails, text and instant messages – it made it more personal and gave it that really colloquial feel that helped make it such an easy read. In an age where we are so obsessed by electronics, I totally felt as though I could empathise with the characters, at the same time, feeling naughty for pretty much snooping through their personal lives. Cecilia Ahern even deliberately spells wrong which helped give a better judgement of character and also added a humorous element.

The range of emotions I had when reading Love, Rosie was unbearable – I never knew it was possible to laugh and cry at the same time. From love and happiness to anger and frustration, acceptance and rejection, I felt it all. Let’s be honest, we all know (or ARE) a Rosie or Alex, so it was easy to identify with and relate to their problems. I just could not put the book down either, it totally had me hooked... and I read it in a week.

If you’re looking for an easy, fun and light-hearted read, particularly to take on holiday, I couldn’t recommend this book any more. I’ve also just bought the film starring Lily Collins and Sam Clafin – is it any good? I can’t wait to watch and see how it compares/differs.

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